Justin Reid: DeAndre Hopkins was an "All-Star Teammate"

Patrick D. Starr

With the trade of DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona Cardinals, the Houston Texans fans and even players on the roster were caught off guard. Safety Justin Reid joined the Matt Thomas Show on Sports Talk 790 to discuss the trade of Hopkins to the Cardinals. 

Reid tried to contact Hopkins and is happy that he is in an organization that fits his situation. 

"I shot him a text message," Reid said to Thomas about Hopkins. "I know things are moving really really fast and quick for him right now. You know he has been with the team for eight or nine years? And you know the decision came as a surprise to us too, but, at the same time, I'm happy for him in the situation that he'll be moving on to." 

Reid and Hopkins have been teammates for the past two seasons, and he knows the Cardinals are getting one of the top wide receivers in the NFL. 

"He'll be with a great team as much as I hate to see him go for my team," Reid continued. "You know how much we and the city of Houston all loved him here, but he's going to a do great out there in Arizona, and they got a hell of a team that's building over there too."

Reid spoke highly of Hopkins as a teammate and how he was willing to help him with pointers to help him as a safety. 

"Hop was an all-star teammate," Reid explained. "In addition to being a Pro Bowl wide receiver, he was a Pro Bowl teammate."

Listen to Reid tell a story about Hopkins giving him advice in his first-ever preseason game during his rookie season. 

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