Keke Coutee's future cloudy with the arrival of Randall Cobb to the Texans

Patrick D. Starr

The arrival of veteran wide receiver Randall Cobb on a three-year deal instantly puts pressure on Keke Coutee to produce in 2020. Cobb arrives with $18.75 million guaranteed of a $27 million contract, making him part of the roster for at least two seasons. 

Cobb arrives to take over the slot wide receiver position, one that he has made a career of playing the slot at a productive level. Just last season alone with the Dallas Cowboys, Cobb had 90.9% of his offensive snaps (720) come from the slot or inline of the formation. 

With the offense currently lining up with Cobb at the slot and Kenny Stills and Will Fuller V on the outside, Coutee's roster spot is not being put under pressure. 

After a rookie season that showed promise, Coutee had a disappointing 2019 season for the Texans. Coutee hauled in 22 passes for 254 yards averaging 11.5 yards a catch, and he also had a rushing touchdown. Appearing in 9 games, Coutee was inactive for five games and did not play for two other games being passed over in favor of different receivers.

Coutee had an early ankle injury he suffered in the preseason against the Green Bay Packers, which slowed him heading into the 2019 season. 

Wide receiver coach John Perry talked about Coutee's absence from the gameplan in early November of last season.

"When he comes to practice, just keep working hard, do the right things in the meetings so that you're moving forward with what your assignments are, really have it down," Perry said of what Coutee needs to do. "It's always tricky when you're in and out, in and out to get your assignments down all the time. He's really just going to detail his work moving forward, and we're excited. We know he's helped us in the past. We know he's going to help us in the future."

O'Brien echoed Perry's sentiment on Coutee during that time and spoke positively of the young wide receiver. 

"He's not a guy that can't help us," O'Brien said of Coutee. "He can definitely help us. He's helped us in the past, and he'll help us in the future."

Coutee's storyline is one to watch with the Texans with a shift in the wide receiver group just this past week. The offense appears to be going back to their traditional look of having a slot wide receiver that can handle the duties and help Deshaun Watson in the middle of the field. 

If it was injuries or practice habits, personnel moves do not lie, and the addition of Cobb puts Coutee's future with the Texans in doubt heading into the 2020 season. 

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Comments (3)

I would keep him for sure. He still has a lot of potential that hopefully will translate to the field this season. Maybe bringing in a guy like Cobb will push him more.

No. 1-2

He may not be a starter but Id keep him over Carter and draft another WR ! They need backups at every position !