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Kubiak and Smith Talk at NFL Combine

Gray Kubiak at the NFL Combine

Gary Kubiak at the NFL Combine

Finally, we get to hear from the Houston Texans brass prior to the 2012 NFL Combine, with Gary Kubiak and Rick Smith answering media questions. We get some of the remarks from the two and see if we can dissect their statements. Smith and Kubiak covered their free agents, the quarterback situation, draft needs, the idea of improving the wide receiver position and more.

These were the Tweets from Friday's press conference in Indianapolis.

@MockingTheDraft: Smith says WR is a position where the Texans may upgrade.

Rick Smith makes it known the Texans are in the evaluation process, will it come from the draft or free agency? No one knows but encouraging to see something has to be done.

@MockingTheDraft: Smith says it's the Texans' philosophy to go BPA (Best Player Available) and not stretch for needs.

At #26 it will be safe to say the Texans have a good chance of staying true to their draft board, this opens up even more possibilities for the possible selection.

@MockingTheDraft: Rick Smith says the Texans need to do some creative restructuring to retain some of their FAs.

Probably the question of the offseason and what are the Texans going to do to sign back their big free agents. As fans we know it is not going to be easy, Smith makes it pretty clear also.

Rick Smith at the NFL Combine

Rick Smith at the NFL Combine

@HoustonTexans: Smith: #Texans will entertain idea of moving up or down in Draft. #Combine

There will be some value with the Texans #26 pick, also they are in position to go get that "impact" player at the top of the draft. Either way, trading down will always bring in more picks.

@MockingTheDraft: Smith said he especially looks for defenders who can make a play on the ball when evaluating.

The Texans created turnovers in 2010, and they need to continue on that theme. Secondary ball hawks are a necessity in the pass happy NFL.

@NickScurfield Rick Smith said he does not expect the #Texans to be as active in free agency as they were last year.

Not another eye-opening remark, hard to do when you have little cap space to work with. Still a low-grade free agent wouldn't be a surprise.

@NickScurfield Rick Smith on offseason approach: "You go back to the drawing board again." #Texans#Combine

Good news for Texans' fans. From the looks of it, the plan is to start from ground zero and take nothing for granted.

@NickScurfield Rick Smith: "Mario (Williams) is a great player, and we want him to be a part of our football team... We're working to get that done."

The Texans are actively talking contract with Mario, this makes me think he will be back.

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@NickScurfieldRick Smith: "WR is a position where we might strengthen our team." Said you can never have enough CBs or pass rushers

Pretty apparent the Texans want to improve at the wide receiver. Also looking like the Texans will find another pass rusher and look to make the cornerbacks compete even harder for their spot.

@MockingTheDraft: Gary Kubiak also said the Texans have to get better at WR, but he likes Kevin Walter as a No. 2.

The need is there for wide receiver, but Gary Kubiak is hesitant to close the book on Walter. Walter is a good player, and when given the opportunities he does not disappoint.

‏@NickScurfieldKubiak said all indications are that @MSchaub8 will be full-speed sometime in May and will be ready for camp #Texans

Another positive, Quarterback Matt Schuab is ahead of schedule with his lis franc injury. We all know where the Texans would have been if Schaub wouldn't have gotten injured.

‏@HoustonTexansKubiak: Important to keep our core group together, when asked about #Texans free agents.

Definitely priority number one for the Texans this offseason. Mario Williams, Arian Foster and Chris Myers are all core players, but looking ahead to the 2013 free agent class too has to be in their mind.

@MockingTheDraft: Kubiak said T.J. Yates and Matt Leinart will battle for the No. 2 job in Houston.

Not another shocker, but if Yates could beat out Leinart for the #2 spot that could easily open the door for the Texans to bring in another younger and cheaper option for the #3 slot.

@NickScurfieldKubiak called Mario Williams & Arian Foster "two very important pieces of the puzzle." Effusive in his praise for both.

Don't know if this the Texans top two priorities for the offseason, but sounds like Kubiak will do everything to get those back in Houston for a long time.

All tweets were taken from Nick Scurfield, Houston Texans twitter account and Mocking the Draft. All are in attendance at the NFL Combine.