Texans Laremy Tunsil primed for more success in 2020

The Houston Texans expect bigger things from Laremy Tunsil getting a full off-season with the team heading into the 2020 season.

The Texans made a significant splash this offseason after signing Pro Bowl tackle Laremy Tunsil to a record-breaking three year, $66 million contract. The Texans infamously paid a hefty price to acquire Tunsil from the Miami Dolphins but are more than happy with the results after year one of him playing the left tackle position. 

Since joining the team, Tunsil has been an anchor for the Texans offensive line, which struggled significantly in 2019. He was vital in the strong performance of last season's offensive line. 

Head coach Bill O'Brien believes that Tunsil can continue his influence on the offensive line and can significantly improve his performance from last year. 

"There's a lot of things that he's going to be more comfortable within our offense this year," O'Brien said. "He's going to be a better player this year. He played very well for us [last year], our sack total dropped about 20 to 25 from the previous year with him in the lineup."

Tunsil entirely agrees with O'Brien's statement, "I 100% agree with that statement."

Tunsil recalled, "The main thing with me last year was the playbook. I came at a late time, only had a couple of days to prepare for the game."

Tunsil continued. "But just to have that whole season, then this offseason under my belt, I think it's going to help me with this playbook and my relationship with the players, and us being on the same page. I think that's going to help a lot."

Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson and Tunsil have been working out together this off-season "four days a week" according to Tunsil. That work put in together is only helping Tunsil improve his relationship with his current teammates heading into the season. 

Tim Kelly, the offensive coordinator for the Texans, also feels that Tunsil can grow to become more comfortable with the Texans offense. 

"As far as Laremy, him being here for the offseason is going to be very beneficial," Kelly said. 

Tunsil, as the cornerstone of the offensive line, will be necessary to the development of left guard Max Scharping, who stepped in and started 13 games and two playoff games as a rookie. 

Another season of Tunsil and Scharping next to each other will only help solidify a budding offensive line unit. 

"Again, more importantly," Kelly continued. "when we all get together, him being able to get those training camp reps, those reps with the offensive line, with Max (Scharping) and things like that."

Kelly emphasized. "I can't stress how important those are for an offensive line to be able to kind of come together and play as one unit."

Tunsil, in his first season with the Texans, was named to his first-ever Pro-Bowl appearance in his four-year career. Appearing in 14 games for the Texans, Tunsil helped nail down the left tackle position and solidify the offensive line moving into 2020.

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