Lawrence Vickers Ready for His Old Team

Patrick D. Starr

On July 25,2011 Lawrence Vickers was released from the Cleveland Browns was soon picked up by the Houston Texans on August 3, 2011. Vickers signed a 2-year, 3-million dollar contract with the Texans to be the fullback, but at the beginning of the season it don't turn into that.

Lawrence Vickers

Vickers came into training camp late and was learning the playbook and getting used to the Texans team. He was relegated to special teams and second team fullback behind starter James Casey, and has been a special teams contributor since day one.

Vickers came to the NFL when he was drafted in the 2006 NFL draft in the 6th round (180th pick) by the Cleveland Browns. He spent 4 years with the Browns and cleared the way for Jamal Lewis and Peyton Hillis for 1,000 yard seasons. Vickers has been a mainstay in Cleveland Browns' fans hearts since 2006 and were upset with his release from the team. Vickers was the odd man out when Head Coach Pat Shurmur took over the Browns and drafted Owen Marecic from Stanford. Vickers was upset about the drafting of Marecic.

Vickers has been forced into the starting fullback role for the Texans with the pectoral injury to James Casey.Vickers had issues against the Ravens in his first start of the season, but has picked it up recently in the last two weeks. He cleared the way for Arian Foster and Ben Tate's 100 yard days versus the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Expect Vickers to be ready to prove to his old team that they made a mistake, and expect some sparks to fly on Sunday. Vickers will be on a mission to prove to the Browns he is a good fullback and can still do his job on the field. He will be ready to lead the Texans rushing game in what could be a big step to the Texans playoff hopes if they can get a win against the Browns.

Vickers is going to have to keep his emotions in check, but he can help set the tone early with his emotional play. He will be focused for the Browns and will be even more on edge at Reliant on Sunday. Keep an eye on Vickers and see if his old team coming to town will put him into a mode that Texans fans haven't seen before.