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Leinart Getting Support

Matt Leinart has been thrust into a leadership role with the Houston Texans despite not having taken an "important" regular season snap since 2009 with the Arizona Cardinals. He did take some snaps this past Sunday in mop up duties in the win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Leinart and Schaub

There had been many question marks floating around on exactly what Leinart can do with the Texans in 2011 starting with his debut against the Jacksonville Jaguars in two Sundays. It is a hard to see where the offense will go with him under center, but on time will tell.

The most important factor going for Leinart and the Texans has to be the team rallying around him showing him support in this stretch run for the season. Look what was said.

Eric Winston (via Twitter)

Don't know if Schaub will miss time or how much but if he does I know this: the Texans train isn't getting derailed. We will keep doing what we have been all year and Leinart will play great.

Glover Quin (via Twitter)

The Texans will rally once again as a team.. The offense will roll, D will hold, and special teams will stay special.. #Believe

Ben Tate (Via Twitter)

Sorry to hear the news about schaub but we will all pick up the slack and continue to play at a high level.

Derrick Ward (Via Twitter)

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I promise you all Matt Leinart will be perfectly fine! We have his back and that's all he needs to lead us to victory's!

Andre Johnson (via Nick Scurfield's twitter account)

Andre Johnson said he has seen Leinart's confidence improve since '10 & is excited to get on the field and work w/ him

Bryant Johnson (via Nick Scurfield's twitter account)

WR Bryant Johnson (played w/Leinart in AZ 2006-07): "I definitely think he's going to shock some people. I know he can get the job done." Bryant Johnson on Leinart in the Texans' offense: "He just has to go out there and start the car and start driving."

Duane Brown (via Twitter)

Appreciate y'all support! Sorry to have my guy #8 out for the year but trust me @MattLeinartQB is more than capable to lead us! (This tweet has been removed from his timeline)

Nick Scurfield (Via Twitter)

Prevailing sentiment on Leinart from the Texans' locker room today: Not all on him. Whole team has to rally.

Matt Leinart on his opportunity:

"I know my teammates believe in me and the coaches believe I can get the job done and that goes a long way in this profession. I love this organization. I love this offense. Now I’m going to get a chance to go out there & prove that & that’s exciting.”

If there is any good news from this, it is seeing the Texans team rally around Leinart and letting everyone know they have his back. As a Texans fan it is a good sight to see the team rally in a time of need, and show they are a team. It is apparent that the team is taking this challenge together, and pushing to the AFC South title.