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Live from Training Camp

Welcome to live from training camp.... The goal of this column is to give you an ongoing view of as much of a day at training camp as possible. I'll be posting pics, vids, and tweets to let you have a view into the experience.


“@CrazyTex00: Headn to training camp”

“@BigRon281: Definitely the most people I've seen out here at #Texans Camp upon my arrival (which was a while ago). 1st day I'm worried about a good seat”


First players arrive for practice


“@j_cynic: Lestar Jean is back.”

“@PHABMK6: Brandon Brooks not practicing today. #Texans”

“@PHABMK6: Jerrell Jackson and Greg Williams not practicing today. Will try to find out about Jackson. #Texans”


Brown just walked by no pads but not with any limp or gimp either

“@caballeroTEXANS: I'm at Texans Training Camp! :) S/o to @BiggestTexanFan and @Another_MJ thx for everything guys #TexansFam”


@PHABMK6: Watt is pretty bummed. Can see it on his face. #Texans

watt w arm in sling


Norris looks tough ... Solid blocking fb


@CrazyTex00: Foster #TrainingCamp


@PHABMK6: Brice with nice coverage on Casey to cause incomplete pass. #Texans

@CrazyTex00: Should I feel special JJ Watt waved at me #TrainingCamp

@BigRon281: Full scrimmage.. K. Martin w/ 1s. Some subs on 1st D though. Merc & Braman, at OLB. Dobbins was in at SILB. Jamison of course.

@BigRon281: Lestar Jean with a leaping catch on a deep post over McManis. 1st big play today.

@NickScurfield: Rick Smith on MLB-turned-FB Derrell Smith: "He has really showed some promise... I'm excited about him." #Texans

@BigRon281: Posey w/ a couple 1st-team reps mixed in there too.

@PHABMK6: Mitchell coming off the field. Will see what we can find out. Walking off on his own power. #Texans

Yates over throws jean

@BigRon281: Some nice work by Fangupo on the nose in that team period.

@BigRon281: Reps are kinda jumbled at this point among 1st, 2nd & 3rd teams from what I can see. Seems some from injury/rest, some just mixing it up.

@TexansBroncos: Martin and holliday both looking good on return duty

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trindon return


@BigRon281: Nice TD shot from Schaub to Posey on a slant over the middle from the 5 in 7-on-7. Posey held on in traffic and fought across the line.

@BigRon281: Dobbins w/ the nice cover on Thor


@Another_MJ: Yates doing work.... 7 on 7

@PHABMK6: Maehl heard footsteps from Demps. Dropped the slant. #Texans

@PHABMK6: Keshawn crossing route on Quin. Separation nice catch from Schaub. #Texans

@BigRon281: Posey w/ the stutter-go TD over Ball. Still 7-on-7, red zone work.

@PHABMK6: Alan Ball having a tough day. Bryant nice TD catch from Schaub. #Texans


@TexansBroncos: @JJWatt showing the fans some love and making the girls scream

@BigRon281: @awexler I did think they'd do more to bolster the position. Seems Casey's primary role will be TE2 over FB from what I've seen though.

@BigRon281: @awexler Both Norris* and young Smith have shown well. Looks to me like they have designs on giving one or the other plenty of FB work.

@ChelleMB70: alot could be said of this pic of @HoustonTexans @ConnorBarwin98 but I'll go w/ "no comment" #TrainingCamp #WeAreTexans

@PHABMK6: Forsett not helping in pass protection. Blown up by Cush and Sonny the next play. #Texans

@BigRon281: Johnathan Joseph has been like super glue out here every time I've been out. Just outstanding. Pleasure to watch 24 do his thing.

Jj watts biggest fans


@NickScurfield: Rookie WR Keshawn Martin continues to practice w/ 1st team opposite Kevin Walter. Having an outstanding camp #Texans

@TexansBroncos: @ArianFoster drops one that was on the numbers... Youll get it next time..

@PHABMK6: Defense getting after the O. #Texans

Posey went down hard

@PHABMK6: Martin deep grabbed last minute to complete the deep pass from Schaub. #Texans

@PHABMK6: Posey one handed grab on the sideline. Tapped both feet in bounds. #Texans

Jean making 4 down play

@PHABMK6: Newton looking good in protection. #Texans

@PHABMK6: Jean looks like a new guy today. Across the middle nice catch. #Texans

@LanceZierlein: Strong practices so far by DeVier Posey and Sherrick McManus. #Texans


Thanks to the texans for hosting a great training camp.