'Money Grab': Texans QB Deshaun Watson Lashes Out At Accusers

Rusty Hardin now has stated that evidence should defend Deshaun Watson. And the Texans QB is using an incendiary phrase to describe his circumstance
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HOUSTON -- A handful of the finest legal minds in Texans have advised us that it is journalistically inappropriate to characterize the actions of some of Deshaun Watson accusers in a certain way. The attorneys even suggest that it might be inappropriate for involved lawyers to use the phrase.

But "money grab''? Deshaun Watson can - and now has used that phrase.

He will still be facing 22 allegations of sexual assault and misconduct as the proceedings continue. That said, his attorney Rusty Hardin believes he's found more information to defend the Houston Texans quarterback's assertions of innocence.

And the defense is increasingly vigorous.

On Monday, Hardin's staff filed its response to allegations of sexual misconduct against the 25-year-old football star. In the response, multiple claims suggest that several women have fabricated their experiences with Watson, stating that seven women even offered to work with Watson again after their alleged encounters. 

Hardin also released a personal statement to illustrate his belief that all 22 women are lying about the allegations against Watson. 

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"We and Mr. Watson take allegations of sexual misconduct against women very seriously, as we all should. We have waited to respond to the numerous allegations made by (attorney Tony) Buzbee and his clients until we could responsibly investigate," Hardin said in a release. "In the few days since his accusers' names have been revealed, as well as required by Texas law, we are discovering an avalanche of false accusations."

On March 16, the first allegation against Watson was filed by Buzbee's firm. Since then, a total of 23 lawsuits have been filed, all accusing Watson of sexual misconduct. 

According to the findings, Hardin stated that three plaintiffs lied on the numbers of sessions they had with Watson. Five more have told others they want to get money from Watson. 

Thus, Watson's "money grab'' remark in his official defense, which reads in part:

“It was not until the plaintiffs saw an opportunity for a money grab that they changed their stories to convert therapy sessions they bragged about to friends and family to something much more nefarious.”

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In the report, it states that multiple women have also deleted or altered their social media accounts, to which Hardin says they have "scrubbed" evidence away. 

“These lawsuits are replete with mischaracterizations of Mr. Watson’s conduct," The filing stated. "These range from being misleading, to fraudulent, to slanderous.”

Buzbee commented on the situation Monday afternoon, stating that Hardin's firm has not proven anything, but rather merely just questioned the women's credibility.  

"As fully anticipated and despite his lawyer’s previous statements, Deshaun Watson’s only defense is to call these brave women liars," Buzbee said in a statement. "The weak and vague allegations made in Defendant’s response are demonstrably false."

The NFL has launched an investigation into Watson under its personal conduct policy. TexansDaily.com will continue to keep you up to date with the proceedings moving forward. 

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