Name That Texans’ Player: Volume 3

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After much success. we bring back "Name that Texan!"  We bring back 7 Texans players from the vault to see if you know who your past Texans were. Trust me, if you can recognize the past players we are fully impressed.

The answers are at the bottom of the post. Let us know how you do! Good Luck.

The Photo Lineup

2002 Team

This defensive end showed up in Houston after a trade for quarterback Danny Wuerffel with the Washington Redskins. He held down the starting defensive end position where he started 16 games and had 24 total tackles in the inaugural season. He spent time with the Texans until the 2005 season.


Who is he?

2003 Team

One of the more infamous names in Texans history, this running back rushed for 102 yards with zero touchdowns, and to make matters worse his longest run was 17 yards. Claimed to be a can't miss prospect by then General Manager Charlie Casserly, he was anything but that.


Who is he?

2004 Team

Only played in Houston for two seasons starting in 2004, this defensive end started all 32 games he appeared in and had 33 total tackles and 2 sacks. He played a total of 11 years in the NFL, with Tennessee and Cleveland also.


Who is he?

2005 Team

This rookie running-back from Oklahoma State made his debut with the Texans in 2005 and the 3rd round pick proved to be a disappointment. During the 2005 season, he rushed 46 times for 184 yards and 2 touchdowns. In 2006, he appeared in one game before he was let go from the Texans.


Who is he?

2006 Team

This tight end came over with his offensive coordinator in Denver, joining him in Houston for Gary Kubiak's first season as the Texans head coach. With 5 starts, he caught 13 passes for 125 yards and proved to be a nice compliment to Owen Daniels and Mark Bruener.


Who is he?

2007 Team

Another player from Kubiak's Denver Broncos days, this defensive back only played in 7 games for the Texans. Only registering 6 tackles, all on special teams, 2007 was the only season he played with the Texans. If you can figure out who he is, our hats off to you.


Who is he?

2008 Team

This running back came over from the Philadelphia Eagles and provided some decent looks running the football. More of a special teams player, he still rushed for 484 yards in two seasons with the Texans.


Who is he?


2002- Jerry DeLoach (Defensive End, 2002-2005)

2003- Tony Hollings (Running back, 2003-2005)

2004- Robaire Smith (Defensive End, 2004-2005)

2005- Vernand Morency (Running back, 2005-2006)

2006- Jeb Putzier (Tight End, 2006-2007)

2007- Curome Cox (Defensive Back, 2007)

2008- Ryan Moats (Running Back, 2008-2009)

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