A new start with familiar faces for Brandin Cooks with the Texans

Pavithr Goli

Houston, Texas- The Texans made some waves in the NFL after trading for wide receiver Brandin Cooks from the Los Angeles Rams before the start of the 2020 NFL Draft. 

The Texans see Brandin Cooks as a speedy player who will be utilized as one of their wide receiver options and, along with receivers Will Fuller, Randall Cobb, and Kenny Stills, will be valuable in forming a formidable receiving corps. 

In his first interview as a Texan, Cooks emphasized his excitement to be with the Texans and immediately start. 

Cooks expressed his excitement to get a new start in Houston, "Talking to Billy O, I got off the phone with him, and I felt like I wanted to run through a brick wall. I just can't wait to get out there on a field with a guy like that". 

Although many people expect that Cooks must come in and replace the production and role played by the departed DeAndre Hopkins. Cooks has a different interpretation of the situation. 

Cooks is here to help his team win and not replace a single player. 

"I'm just looking at it from the standpoint to just come in and help the team win as best as I can," Cooks explained.

Cooks also held immense praise for quarterback Deshaun Watson who can utilize Cooks' unique skill set. Cooks described Watson by saying that "the guy can throw every single ball. He throws the deep ball so great. He's able to throw on the run and on the move". 

Cooks explained that Watson shares many attributes of great quarterbacks as "his process and his hunger and his drive and dedication" are similar to the other quarterbacks that Cooks has played within his career, which include Tom Brady and Drew Brees.

Aside from his excitement to be with the Texans' coaching staff and great offense, Cooks was motivated with the idea to be reunited with the club's Executive Vice President of Football Operations, Jack Easterby. 

Easterby, who worked for the Patriots while Cooks played for them, was praised by Cooks, who described him as "a special human being not just for me, but for my family, and to be reunited is definitely a blessing."

Cooks explained that Easterby is someone who "holds you accountable at a high standard. Those are the type of guys that you want to be able to work with and know that they're going to hold you to that accountability every single day."

The Texans are set to be the fourth team of his career, and Cooks does not look his moves from team to team as a negative towards him. 

Cooks sees himself as a player "valued at a high level still to this day." 

Cooks feels blessed to be with different organizations, and being traded does not affect his playing ability. 

Cooks explained, "I look forward to it. I'm a guy that adjusts pretty quick, and wherever I go, like I tell people, I'm going to ball. I'm not worried about that".

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