NFL Combine Rewind: Jonathan Greenard motivated to bring work ethic to the Texans

The Houston Texans selected Florida outside linebacker Jonathan Greenard in the third round of the 2020 NFL Draft, here is a look back Greenard from the NFL Combine.
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The Texans continued the overhaul on their defense by adding Jon Greenard to their draft class along with Ross Blacklock. Greenard played at both Louisville (for 4 years) and Florida (as a graduate transfer) and excelled in both places. 

Greenard specifically showed out and performed at a very high level in Florida recording 52 total tackles and 9.5 sacks. At the NFL Combine earlier this year, Greenard made himself known through his interview which leads to a rise in his draft stock.

Attending two football powerhouses in Louisville and Florida, Greenard has definitely learned a lot from the positive influences in his career. Especially at Florida, Greenard attributed his easy transition to his teammates and how their coaches were also great. Specifically, Todd Grantham, the defensive coordinator for the Gators, was the main reason that Greenard transferred to Florida as it was a system that Greenard was both “comfortable in and let [him] showcase [his] talents.

Greenard has a very positive mindset as an underdog with a chip on his shoulder. Greenard, who was overlooked by scouts, wanted to do well at the NFL Combine as he was ready to prove those scouts wrong while showcasing his athletic ability. 

This type of determination and the desire to prove others wrong is something that is valuable for not only a locker room but also for the mentality of young players as that type of thought process will encourage them to always improve and get better.

When Greenard was questioned about how he fared in the Georgia game, which is an offense that can be comparable to one in the NFL, Greenard expressed some regrets about his performance, attributing some of his deficiencies to him coming back from his wrist injury. But he remained optimistic as he reiterated that his persistence and perseverance on the field during that game (despite the nagging wrist injury) was a major positive mark as he wanted to give all he had in the tank, the type of effort that he intends on relaying when playing in the NFL.

Greenard has an admirable personality. His humility, confidence, determination, and intelligence are characteristics that make him such an attractive prospect. Not only is he moldable like a ball of clay, but he shows that he can embrace his new role to become a leader for the Texans on and off the field while also learning from the best of the best, including JJ Watt and Whitney Mercilus. 

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