NFL Combine Rewind: Texans' Ross Blacklock motivation is pursuing greatness

The Houston Texans selected TCU defensive Ross Blacklock and here is a flashback to his NFL combine interview during the draft process.
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Ross Blacklock was a highly sought after player throughout the entire draft process as he presents a plethora of intangibles and athleticism that would make him such a valuable player with the Texans. 

This pick is crucial for the Texans as he can come as a very dominant and run-stuffing player that will fill a huge role left by DJ Reader. 

Blacklock’s interview at the NFL Combine was very evident of Blacklock’s positive character, including his leadership, humility, and all-around likable personality that would make him a great character player in the Texans locker room.

At TCU, Blacklock’s coach, Gary Patterson, had a very positive influence on Blacklock helping him truly understand the game of football and comprehending the necessary strategies and perfecting the unique skills needed to succeed in the NFL.

Blacklock, who learned under defensive guru Gary Patterson, understood how “each game is like a game of chess” which prepared him for games as he “stud[ied] games, stud[ied] players, strategies, [and] play[s]”. When asked what he would bring to NFL teams, Blacklock prided himself on his leadership saying that he is “a natural-born leader as a player” while also saying that he will always hold himself accountable showing his high level of responsibility. 

In addition, Blacklock emphasized his drive “to be great” and how he doesn’t “do it for the money”. This type of drive shows his natural desire to get better while not being preoccupied with material goods showing, once again showing how he is such a positive character.

When asked to further expand on him coming back from his Achilles tear in 2018, Blacklock continued to expand on his high level of determination after coming back from one of the most dangerous injuries that can inhibit a young player’s success. Blacklock described how his tough schedule rehabilitating but how “his mindset” was very strong and how he just continued to work out and have a positive mindset. This confidence and optimism are keys in the Texans’ locker room and proving that Blacklock can be a leader. 

As a player from Missouri City, when asked about whether he was a Texans or Cowboys fan growing up, Blacklock eagerly answered that he was “a Houston fan all the way” which is promising as he clearly has pride and love for this franchise and, as analysts, could easily see himself as a star.

Blacklock’s impressive combine interview shows how he is more than just a player with skills and talent that can flourish in the league. Blacklock relays a very high level of humility and confidence that can propel him to a franchise defensive leader. 

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