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NFL Future Power Rankings: Texans Outlook For Next 3 Seasons

Building a successful NFL franchise is about more than just being good now. The best franchises are set up to stay that way for many years.

ESPN's NFL Future Power Rankings is a look at who has the best chance to sustain success over the next three years. They take into account several variables including salary cap, age of roster, front office, coaching, and current talent, among a few other things, to reach this overall scale:

  • 100: A+ (Elite)
  • 90: A (Great)
  • 80: B (Very good)
  • 70: C (Average)
  • 60: D (Very bad)
  • 50 and below: F (Disastrous)

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The Houston Texans' present appeared to be pretty grim in 2020 when they fired head coach and general manager, Bill O'Brien. But change brings hope, even though there are still problems created by the previous regime that new coach David Culley and general manager Nick Caserio will have to maneuver.

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Out of the 32 teams ranked, the Texans were No. 32 on the list with an overall score of 60.6. The ESPN experts weighed in and hit the key points:


Overall Roster (Minus Quarterback)












Front Office



"Nick Caserio inherited a situation with fewer resources than virtually any other new general manager in recent history, including limited cap space to add impact players in free agency and severely depleted draft capital. The future of Deshaun Watson is unclear amid sexual assault allegations from 22 different women, casting doubt about his standing with the franchise separate and apart from his unhappiness that surfaced prior to the allegations. The roster lacks many blue-chip players, but Caserio is extremely astute and understands the challenge ahead. Patience, Texans fans."

Included as biggest worries for the franchise is the dysfunction that first-time head coach Culley is walking into, but while the situation lends itself to his failure, if anyone can correct the culture in Houston, it's him.

However, some things could change for the better as numerous possibilities exist to rebuild any position at any time. There are no long-term deals handcuffing the team, with only Deshaun Watson and Zach Cunningham under contract past 2024, with the team having a whopping $124.8 million in cap space for 2023.

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