Caserio And Co. Discuss The Harsh Reality Of Building The Texans

Houston Texans general manager Nick Caserio along with assistant directors of player personnel Matt Bazirgan and James Liipfert discuss the harsh truths of building a roster and what the rookies will need to accomplish in order to succeed.
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Both Houston Texans head coach David Culley and general manager Nick Caserio have been coy on revealing anything but the bare minimum when it comes to answering questions about their plans, players, or really anything specific...

That being said, in a recent video published by the Texans, Caserio, along with assistant directors of player personnel Matt Bazirgan and James Liipfert, did give some detail of the process of bringing in rookies and building the team.

"You're just trying to push one another and just create a sense and an urgency on a day-to-day basis," said Caserio. "Hopefully, the rookies when, they walk in the building will understand [that] this is a new chapter ... and nobody is on scholarship anymore. So this is a responsibility and a job that you have and the only way that you're going to maintain your status in the league is to actually treat it as such and if it's not good enough, or they're not good enough, then we have to replace them and find somebody else."

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Caserio and company have been firm all offseason in their expressed desire to build a roster that is as competitive as possible across all positions, where every player has to earn each and every rep.

And while this may come across as somewhat of a brutal wake-up call for the youngsters, Liipfert's stance is no different ... and he is clearly willing to do whatever it takes to improve this team.

"Everyone's being evaluated on a daily basis and so the evaluation process, the team-building process, it truly never stops and we'll constantly be churning," said Liipfert. "And any transaction that we can make that makes sense to get us better, we'll do it."

And it seems safe to say that given the Texans have made 79 transactions (signings or cuts) since Caserio's arrival on January 7, when they say they're willing to do anything... they mean it.

But for the rookies, Bazirgan laid out what they need to do to get themselves on the right path.

"I think now just coming into a new environment, a new building, their heads are spinning, they're getting information thrown at them a lot," admitted Bazirgan. "It's really just taking it step-by-step, day-by-day, 'Here's where I'm going, here's my position coach.' You know here's step one, and move on to the next day," said Bazirgan.

Ultimately, all these rookies can do is work to earn their roster spot every single day. And even then, it may not be enough as the painful truth is, no NFL team is ever fully built.

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