Nothing New: An Interview with Lestar Jean

Patrick D. Starr

...honestly my whole career I been overlooked so it wasn’t nothing new for me.

-Lestar Jean, Houston Texans, Wide Receiver #18


At the start of the Houston Texans 2011 training camp, the team brought in a young group of undrafted wide receivers to compete for the active roster. As camp progressed, there was one that was consistently making plays and turning heads of coaches and veterans on the field. That wide receiver was Lestar Jean, an undrafted free agent from Florida Atlantic, and with the nickname of "Big Play" he made his presence felt as a rookie in camp.

At 6'3" and 213 lbs., Jean is not a small target and more importantly is a vertical threat that can stretch defenses with ease. Coming out of FAU, Jean was consistently double teamed but he made his chances count. In his Senior season at FAU, Jean posted 64 catches for 988 yards and 8 touchdowns. Looking like he had a good chance of making the Texans' active roster, Jean injured his shoulder in preseason and was put on injured reserve for the entire 2011 season.

With a new season upon us, Jean has been back in his home state of Florida gearing up for the 2012 season and a chance to be one of the wide receivers for Matt Schaub to throw to. Like he says every day on his Twitter timeline, Jean is L.I.C.I (Locked in clocked in) and ready to make his mark for the Texans in 2012.

First of all how is your off time going for you, have you done anything to relax?

I’m just working out (in Florida) really not any off time for me because I have to come back and prove that I belong with the team. It’s just a blessing to be a part of the Texans.

Can you give us a little background on how you ended up playing for Florida Atlantic?

I walked in one day to the FAU office with my film and the coaches were there on Christmas break. They met with me, watched the film, and gave me a chance very similar to the Texans.

Coming out of Florida Atlantic, who was your biggest influence there?

All my coaches. They were great coaches as well as people. They taught me how to be more of a productive citizen in the world and a better football player.

Were you disappointed you did not get drafted, and what was it like to get that call from the Texans to come to camp?

Yeah, I was definitely disappointed that I wasn’t drafted because I worked hard for it, but it was a blessing to get invited to the Texans camp. I’m just happy somebody gave me a chance.

You had an impressive camp and there was a buzz surrounding you, what was your mentality going into camp as a rookie?


Just try as hard as I can and don’t get cut, because not too many people get this type of opportunity and honestly my whole career I been overlooked so it wasn’t nothing new for me.

You have a big game against the Jets with two impressive catches, talk about that whole experience of that game.

I don’t call a two catch game impressive honestly, but it was just a blessing to play in an NFL game. That has been my dream my whole life and it finally happened. Thank God for that.

You have a shoulder injury that lands you on injured reserve, how is the shoulder and what was that time for you like?

Honestly it was very depressing because who wants to get injured and this was the first time in my life getting hurt. It was hard to see the team have such a great year and I just know I could have been part of it.

What did you learn the most from the team's run deep into the playoffs?

Just got to see what hard work can get because the guys worked really hard for that.

What players on the team have taught you the most since coming to Houston?

Jacoby Jones and Kevin Walter no doubt. Jacoby and Kevin showed me how to be a professional. They helped show me to take time out and catch before practice, told me how to study the playbook and answered any and every question that I had.

Are there any parts of your game you think you need to improve?

Yeah, I need to improve every part of my game. To play at a high level in this elite game you have to work extremely hard every day.

How excited are you to get another opportunity to prove you belong with the Texans?

Man I'm so excited to show that I belong on the Texans and that I belong in the NFL. If I can get that chance it will be a true blessing.

The new year is upon us, what is your goal going into the 2012 camp?

My goals this year is to do whatever it takes to make the team, and help the team win games because at the end of the day it's all about the Texans.

You can follow Lestar Jean on Twitter and visit his website, and let him know we are behind him 100%.

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