'Peanuts': Crennel Acknowledges Texans Trade 'Possibilities'

Mike Fisher

Houston Texans interim head coach Romeo Crennel last week oversaw a team meeting in which he essentially issued a "vote of confidence'' to his roster regarding the Nov. 3 NFL trade deadline.

"I'm not looking to trade anybody," Crennel said then, reiterating to the media what he told his players. "I want to try to win with the guys we've got.''

Of course, there is a reason the words "vote of confidence'' often are delivered with the word "dreaded'' in front of them. Any time a team has to address the issue, it's because ... well, it's because a team has issues.

And the Texans, fresh off a blowout loss at the hands of the Packers, continue to struggle at 1-6 even after firing head coach-general manager Bill O'Brien.

So the issues continue. And the acknowledgements begin.

Crennel on Monday said most of the time other teams, when dealing in trade talk with a poor team, "try to offer peanuts and not legitimate trade value.'' 

This amounts to an admission that Houston has indeed engaged in such talks.

Furthermore, Crennel said, "I've been informed of some possibilities, but nothing definite right now.''

The Texans are entering a rebuilding phase that Crennel will likely not be a long-term part of. ... and maybe some members of a 1-6 roster shouldn't be long-term members, either.

Team leader Deshaun Watson has stated that "none of these boys are getting traded.'' But as we write here, the QB really isn't in charge of such matters. And as we write here, we're not sure if the Texans know "Jack'' about who is.

The realities can include wondering about the futures of J.J. Watt and Randall Cobb and everybody in between; our Cody Stoots has written that Watt would actually be doing Houston a favor by suggesting a trade.

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That's not where Crennel wants to go quite yet.

'We can sit down and talk about what he perceives to be the issues,'' Crennel said, with yet another acknowledgement, this one about Watt's unhappiness with the losing. "J.J. is a pretty consistent player. We have to get those other guys to be as consistent as he is. He will not feel better until we start winning.''

And the Texans might not get better until they start trading.

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