Quarter Review: The Right Pick

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When the Houston Texans were on the clock on April 28th the fans of the Texans were in a state of disbelief after their pick at #11, with Wisconsin Badger, J.J. Watt. Considered a safe pick, it is certainly looking like the right pick.


There were plenty of names ciruclating who the Texans were linked to, here is an update on some of those players that were "supposed" to be a Texan.

J.J. Watt

Houston Texans, 11th Overall

In case you forgot, but he has started 4 games, has 14 tackles, 1 sack and a fumble recovery.

Aldon Smith

San Francisco 49ers, 7th Overall

I think the 49ers did all of us a favor by picking Smith because he was supposed to be Wade Phillips' chosen one. The learning curve has been steep for the converted tightend to defensive end from Missouri. He is not starting for the 49ers and so far he has 5 total tackles with 1.5 sacks.

Robert Quinn

St. Louis Rams, 14th overall

The pass rusher from North Carolina overcame odds to play in college, with a brain tumor. Also, sitting out his senior year, there were plenty of questions surrounding him. Quinn seemed like a good consolation prize, if Aldon Smith was taken off the board. He has appeared in 3 games and has 3 tackles with one sack.

Prince Amukamara

New York Giants, 19th overall

Amukamara looked like the Texans pick after the early part of the draft played out. He was supposed to be the answer for the Texans at a thin secondary unit. Amukamara suffered a broken left foot which has held him out majority of the preseason and the start of the season.

Ryan Kerrigan

Washington Redskins, 16th overall

The defensive end from Purdue, was a "tweener" with his skill set, maybe a 4-3 defensive end or a 3-4 outside line backer. There was value on the board when the Texans picked, but Kerrigane was passed and welcomed by Redskins' fans. This season he has started 4 games, recorded 17 total tackles, 2 sacks, 3 pass deflections, 2 forced fumbles, 1 interception and a touchdown.

Nick Fairley

Detroit Lions, 13th overall

The Texans were in need of a nose tackle and when Fairley fell to the Texans it was an inruiging thought to take him. Fairley had a foot issue in camp and it kept him out since the beginning of August. A force at Auburn, Fairley will make his pro debut this Monday Night against the Chicago Bears.