Ravens' John Harbaugh Says There Is 'No Greater Challenge' than Texans Deshaun Watson

Patrick D. Starr

In one of the more intriguing games on the Houston Texans schedule, the Baltimore Ravens stand in the way of their seventh win of the season. The AFC showdown also has two of the more dynamic signal-callers in the game with the Ravens Lamar Jackson and Texans Deshaun Watson. 

Head coach Bill O'Brien spoke highly of Jackson and called him, "an MVP candidate for a reason". Ravens' head coach John Harbaugh knows the challenges Watson poses to his team.

"No greater challenge than Deshaun Watson," Harbaugh said in his Monday's media availability in Baltimore. 

The Ravens have faced some top quarterbacks in the NFL in 2019 from the Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes, Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson, and the New England Patriots Tom Brady. 

Watson has been the engine that makes the Texans offense go, and Harbaugh feels that Watson is one of the best quarterbacks the Ravens will face this season. 

"I mean, right at the top, he is throwing the ball extremely well," Harbaugh continued on Watson. "He has tremendous poise in the pocket, he is seeing the field. He really hard to get down. You know he's really hard to get down. I mean, you're not allowed to land on him. You're not allowed to hit him high, and you're not allowed to hit him low. You got to hit him in about that much of a space, and then you got to get Deshaun Watson on the ground. He's strong. He's elusive, so it just all plays into it."

It will be a matchup of two high octane offenses on Sunday, and Harbaugh knows the Texans have a full skill group that can make plays. 

"We're gonna have to do a great job of the way we rush the quarterback," Harbaugh said of defending the Texans offense. "A great job of how we cover their really good receivers."

Harbaugh continued, "It's just a big challenge of their offense. They run the ball well. They got a heck of a back. He's breaking tackles and running that wide zone stretch zone, play, about as well as you can run it, so that's what we'll be facing."

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