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Remember, It's a Game

Jacoby Jones

Trust me when I say this, but I was just disappointed when the Houston Texans lost to the Baltimore Ravens in the divisional round. Was I upset with the one blunder on a punt return by Jacoby Jones, that seemed to shift the tide of the game? Of course I was, but seeing what I have seen this morning from Texans fans is an embarrassment to the fan base.

After seeing some ugly comments on Jones timeline on twitter, and now seeing that some fan had the audacity to go and burn a jersey in all out protest of Jones' mistake. Verbal threats are just as bad as physical and some of the words said are unacceptable.

There is time to be passionate about your team and how they perform on the field, but to intrude on a person's personal and private well-being is unacceptable. This is a game and that is all it is, a game. There will be football next season and this will be water under the bridge, the play will go down in infamy, but the backlash is ridiculous.

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Jones is one of the more personable Texans on the roster, and even despite not performing to expectations, he is still a fan favorite. We have been critical of his performance here on the site, but enough is enough, this is not about play this is about morals.

Jacoby Jones, we support you and as a Texans' fan don't let a few bad apples spoil what the true fan base thinks. It has gone too far and all fans need to remember this is a game. No one burns your tie or briefcase in your front yard because you didn't meet a deadline, and no one sends you ugly messages through Twitter because you failed impress your boss.

Remember it's a game, not life.