Report: Bill O'Brien compares meeting with DeAndre Hopkins to one with Aaron Hernandez

Patrick D. Starr

If the Houston Texans trading DeAndre Hopkins was not enough for people to digest, it appears that it is the tip of the iceberg with the situation.

Michael Irvin on ESPNs Get Up said that Hopkins and he discussed his exit from the Texans. Hopkins explained what was said in the meeting with O'Brien.

According to Irvin, Hopkins was told by O'Brien that he had too much control over the locker room, and the last time he had to have a meeting like this was in New England with Aaron Hernandez.

Irvin said the following on ESPNs Get Up

First, you know I just I couldn't wrap my mind on it, I called him again.

Twenty-four hours later like late yesterday. And I said, Tell me what happened in Houston. He told me, he said, Michael. It was a bit of a power struggle there because below Bill O'Brien thought Coach O'Brien thought he had too much influence over the locker room. He called the DeAndre Hopkins in a meeting to talk about this and to kind of just Hash it out. In that meeting, he started the meeting with telling DeAndre Hopkins this that blew my mind when DeAndre told me this. 

He said he told DeAndre Hopkins he said hey, the last time I had to have a meeting like this, it was with Aaron Hernandez. I was like, what he put in, Aaron Hernandez, in this meeting, he said yes he did. He said that blew my mind, and he would even bring that up. I've never been in any trouble. I don't know why but he equates me with Aaron Hernandez, and from there, the meeting just deteriorated. 

You know he got into talking about DeAndre Hopkins because he has a few kids and from different women and he said, You know, he told me DeAndre, that he has his baby mamas around, sometimes and from there I think the relationship just went bad, and Gus, we got to trade up DeAndre Hopkins from Houston for basically like I said earlier, for a ham sandwich. All because of that relationship.

Here is the full video.

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Texan's run that organization like a slave plantation. Them blacks get too uppity they get cut off or get sold off. Nobody talks about how Cushing was constantly suspended for PEDs, injured but kept getting new contracts? But Hopkins being too liked in locker room. If he was white he'd be praised as a Great Leader. It is what it is. The want J.J. to be the face of the Team however he can't lead locker room form training table. The baby mama's thing is crazy like white men don't have multiple baby mothers? That's not a black thing it's a life thing. There's no record of any of these women making trouble. Least none made public. I mean the so called white sheep... I mean goat Sir Thomas Brady has kids by different women so I hear. That whole situation is just white man power let's him force his ideals into another man or sell him off of he didn't bow down, I mean buy in to those ideas.

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O'brien is an idiot. He is a mediocre coach and is way over his head as GM. With that saying, the only racist here is YOU. Everyone is tired of blacks playing the race and victim card where it is convenient for them.


I guess that would be Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs.


I appreciate you guys!!! I was beginning to worry that this city was full of sheep that believed every thing they hear. The bumbling idiots on sports radio don't mind ruining the official start of the league year as long as they can push the OB hate narrative into the ground... there's more than one way to skin a cat, and I recall watching the Giants win a Super Bowl without a top 5 wide out while the other team had Tom Brady and Randy Moss! I'm still trying to remember the last top five receiver to lead his team to a Superbowl... if it was so bad here under OB, why is Andre Johnson back as a member of his staff??? People are idiots sometimes....


I don't really see the problem here, I mean, I get it, we live in a society where people get offended about everything. I'm not defending O'Brien, I think he's a terrible coach and an even worse GM, but he compared a conversation he had with Hernandez about having a power struggle in the locker room. He didn't mean that Hopkins was a killer, a bad teammate, or whatever else.

Also, for all we know, Hopkins "babymama's" (hate that term!) could have been disruptive ratchets.

This is the same guy that flipped his lid when Bob McNair made the "inmates running the prison" comment a couple years ago in reference to Kap.

It appears that O'Brien tried to shop Hopkins, the Eagles have come out and said that they had discussions for him, maybe the Cardinals were the only team willing to take on his mess? Maybe they did it ONLY so that they could get rid of Johnson's terrible contract?

Hopkins is probably the greatest WR in the league today, but he's not exactly the greatest personality.


Sounds like Irvin and Hopkins have alot in common ! But I think BOB made the Right call , don't bring your trash around here ! Next !