Report: Bill O'Brien In Discussions on a Deal with the Texans

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According to ESPN and Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen, both are reporting the Houston Texans are in talks with current Penn State Head Coach Bill O'Brien on a deal to make him the next head coach. The Texans and O'Brien are working on a deal that would have him in place by next week.

To this point the Texans have interviewed Lovie Smith and current interim head coach Wade Phillips this past Thursday. Now if ESPN, is picking up this story, then the legs on it must have some validity. O'Brien fits what Owner Bob McNair wanted in his next head coach.

It also looks like the Texans are looking to wrap up the coaching search as soon as they can to move forward as an organization.

No matter what the final outcome is, it looks like the Texans are closing the door on their head coaching search as soon as the season concludes.

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