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How Many Wins? Van Gundy Predicts Texans Record

Former Houston Rockets head coach Jeff Van Gundy recently predicted the Houston Texans' win total for the upcoming NFL season, and it's ... surprising.

The Houston Texans may be entering the 2021 NFL season as underdogs as far as the betting industry is concerned, but not everybody is this pessimistic about the new loom Texans.

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Former Houston Rockets coach and Texans season-ticket holder Jeff Van Gundy was recently asked on ESPN 97.5's The Wheelhouse whether or not he sees Houston going over or under 4.5 wins this season, and his response was... surprising.

"They're gonna be the surprise team in the league," Van Gundy said. "I really believe they're gonna get six wins."

Six wins would surpass the four they achieved in 2020 and represent a surprising turn of form. 

The reason expectations are low is that not only are they without their star quarterback Deshaun Watson due to his trade request and legal issues, but they also have a first-time general manager, first-time head coach, and a vastly new roster.

Van Gundy, however, remains upbeat despite these potential problems.

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"I don't really remember a worse situation to take over than the one they took over with Watson both wanting out, legal issues, and him being healthy but still doesn't seem available," Van Gundy said. "If they're able to overcome that and put a competitive team on the field, man what a great job they'll have done. I'm really looking forward to seeing if they have enough to compete. I'm saying six (wins), I don't know what Vegas is saying, I probably don't want to look."

As mentioned, Vegas is predicting 4.5 wins for the Texans with many in the media projecting Houston will finish under this total.

Van Gundy's optimism is somewhat refreshing given the bombardment of negative press and dire projections being hurled towards the Texans this year, and in fact, he believes six may even be an underestimation

"They might get seven (wins), who knows?" Van Gundy said. "Cause they're playing 17 (games) this year ... I might even up myself now, I might go to seven right now."

Seven wins would represent dreamland for many Texans fans. 

And while the inner pessimist may say that dreamland is where that prediction will likely stay, as Van Gundy said: "Who Knows?"

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