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Sam Montgomery Passes Voluntary Drug Test

Former Houston Texans defensive end and 3rd round draft pick is out to clear his name for the alleged use of "illegal substances" that got him dismissed from the team this past weekend. Reports have said that the Sam Montgomery, Cierre Wood and Willie Jefferson, all rookies, were cut from the team for smoking pot in the team hotel before the Kansas City Chiefs game.

“It is our position that the story written about Sam Montgomery by ESPN, which sets forth that he was dismissed from the Houston Texans for using marijuana, is completely inaccurate. Mr. Montgomery was dismissed from the team for allegedly violating a team rule. This can be confirmed by the Houston Texan personnel.”

Jeff Guerriero, Montgomery's Agent

The only issue is that the Texans organization cited that the three rookies, including Montgomery, were released for violating team rules. There were no specifics about their release and no mention of drug use for their dismissal.

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The real reason may never be known, but the bottom line is that the three rookies have contributed none for a Texans 2 and 5 team, and are in need for some shuffling on the bottom of the roster.

Montgomery's real name is Sidney not Sam. 

You can see the results of Montgomery's test here.