Jadeveon Clowney Never Wanted to Leave Houston Or Play for the Miami Dolphins

Patrick D. Starr

The Houston Texans and Jadeveon Clowney saga continued again with the success of both teams since their messy break-up. After the Seahawks Monday Night Win over the Minnesota Vikings, Clowney took time to talk to NFL.com's Mike Silver about his exit from the Texans once again, but this time, he went a little more in-depth about the trade to the Miami Dolphins and not wanting to leave Houston.

"What people don't know about that situation was, O'Brien called me five or six times over the offseason, and I always told him I would come in and sign the tender, but not till right before the season," Clowney said to Silver after the game.

Clowney was ready to report to the Texans, but he was not going to show up during the preseason due to the injury risk involved due to potentially being under the franchise tag.

"I love Houston," Clowney continued to Silver. "And I love my dudes, but I wasn't under contract, so I wasn't going to take the risk."

Then when the Texans were in Green Bay for joint practices, that is when the O'Brien and the Miami Dolphins struck a deal for now starting left tackle Laremy Tunsil. In the original deal with the Dolphins, Clowney was involved in the swap of players and picks. That ended up being a non-starter for Clowney going to the Dolphins.

Clowney described saying no to the Texans about going to the Dolphins in a preseason trade to Silver.

"It was getting close to the time I said I'd come in, and all of a sudden [O'Brien] called me and said, 'You need to come in and talk to us.' When I got there, they're talking about me signing the tender and going to the Dolphins. They said, 'It'll be good for you and good for us.' I'm like, 'Good for me? They're going to tank the season for a damn quarterback! Find me a team that can win, and I'll sign the damn tender.'

The rest is history, so to speak, when the Texans found out they had a chance to add Tunsil, the priorities changed inside the building. With Deshaun Watson's contract soon to be a discussion point and the reality of Tunsil of being in a Texans uniform to protect their most significant soon-to-be investment in Watson. Clowney was the odd man out with his contract demands that the Texans were unwilling to meet and felt best if they move on sooner rather than later.

"People say, 'He was trying to leave.' That's a lie," Clowney continued on his exit from Houston to Silver. "I didn't ask them to trade me. I didn't even ask them to pay me anymore. I just wanted to play one last year with my teammates. But hey, it's part of the business. It was a business move, and I got the short end of the stick at the time. Now? It looks like I got the big end of the stick."

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Here's what I don't understand, if he wanted to play and didn't ask for more/big money, why didn't he sign the contract offer? If you only wanted to play one year, why not go to any team and ball out? The firing of the agent says to me he wanted no more contact with the Texans.