Seven things to know about Texans' wide receiver Isaiah Coulter

The Houston Texans drafted wide receiver Isaiah Coulter in the 5th round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Here are even quick facts to know about Coulter.

In the late 5th Round of the NFL Draft, the Houston Texans selected wide receiver, Isaiah Coulter, from Rhode Island where he excelled as their primary wide receiver.

The addition of Coulter adds on to an already very impressive draft class that Bill O’Brien and the Texans have put together. Coulter appears to be a great pass catcher for the Texans if they are able to utilize his talents well and take advantage of his strengths in the game plan. 

Seven Things to know about Texans' Isaiah Coulter

  1. Coulter was convinced to go to the University of Rhode Island because of his cousin, Aaron Parker, who is also a standout wide receiver for the Rams
  2. Coulter’s first college reception was a 56 - yard touchdown against Central Michigan University
  3. Coulter is a Human Development and Family Studies Major at the University of Rhode Island
  4. Isaiah Coulter is the first player drafted from Rhode Island in 34 years
  5. Isaiah Coulter worked a camp to teach young kids how to play football.
  6. When he was in high school in Maryland, Coulter also played as a blocking tight end in the school’s wing-T offense.
  7. Isaiah Coulter recorded 7 career 100-yard receiving games and was just the 7th player in the Rhode Island football program to top 1000 yards

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