Should Texans Target O-Lineman Quinton Spain?

Anthony R Wood

The Buffalo Bills surprised the league by releasing veteran starting left guard Quinton Spain, opting to go with youngster Cody Ford moving forward. The Houston Texans have already invested heavily in reinforcements to protect franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Could the Texans' addition of Spain be the cherry on top of this rebuilding O-line?

It's not common to have a player of his caliber available at this point in the season, so we say the Texans would be wise to at least investigate the mystery of his release.

And it is, from where we sit, a mystery. Spain added to the mystique of it all with a since-deleted tweet saying, "“Only if they knew the real reason but I’m going to leave it at that.''

Houston's cap situation is horrendous, but given that Spain only signed a $15 million three-year extension earlier this year, there are ways to fit Spain in.

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If so, the Texans have the opportunity to bring in a 29-year old starting left guard, who had zero sacks attributed to him in 2019. Current left guard Senio Kelemente has done a decent job at the position this season since replacing second-year lineman Max Scharping, but we'll argue he isn't the long-term answer. (Eventually, Houston very much needs the Scharping situation to work out positively.)

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However, should the Texans want to keep Kelemente as a starter, they could even move him to right guard, benching Zach Fulton. 

Of course, coach Romeo Crennel this week issued an "If it's working, don't fix it'' proclamation ... and overall, the Houston O-line is working.

Still, a look-see would be a win-win scenario for the Texans - and can be more, as long as management views it as cap-friendly. 

If Houston's interim management team does decide to go after Spain, they will have to pick up the phone ASAP. As mentioned, players of his caliber don't become available this late in the season frequently, and as pointed out by CBS, there's another Texas-based team who could use a guard right about now.

But there is this: One scouting voice tells that Spain is "a wide-body who doesn't move well.'' And we'll bet a Houston investigation into what went wrong in Buffalo might find coaches explaining, in unflattering terms, how he suddenly fell into disfavor. So, as always in this space, we make no pretense of ourselves being coaches or scouts - but rather, position ourselves as Texans observers who hope the Texans are observing every possible concept.

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