Should Texans Target Cowboys In Trades?

Anthony R Wood

The 2020 season has not been kind on either NFL franchise in The Lone Star State. The Houston Texans sit a lowly 1-6, with the Dallas Cowboys faring little better at 2-5. With the Nov. 3 trade deadline fast approaching, rumors are rife surrounding both teams about potential departures as rebuilds approach ahead of 2021, and perhaps the Texans could use this as a chance to rescue some dignity this year and attempt to chase a wildcard spot.

Houston holds eight draft picks in 2021: A third, two fourths, a fifth, three sixths, and a seventh. There may be more headed their way in the form of compensatory picks, but that collection is what we know.

According to SI's Mike Fisher, the Cowboys are willing to trade defensive end Everson Griffen, defensive tackle Dontari Poe and cornerback Daryl Worley.   

All three were new arrivals in 2020 and all three have struggled to find their footing. Given the state of Houston's defense, would all three be upgrades over current options?

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Other than J.J. Watt, Houston has no consistent pass rushers. Griffen is having a poor year in Dallas but spend the previous decade in Minnesota as a consistent standout.

P.J. Hall has had some decent plays at defensive tackle, but they need more experience in the middle as rookie Ross Blacklock doesn't look ready to start. Dallas' Poe is a wide-body who again, hasn't worked out there, but was once a first-round pick and a Pro Bowler.

At corner, only Bradley Roby looks a sure starter, but as of Week 7, he is injured. Worley has essentially been benched in Dallas but last year was a Raiders starter.

A player like Griffen, Poe or Worley, one might guess, would be easy for the Texans to obtain for perhaps a seventh-rounder. 

The Texans have $7.5 million in cap space at this moment, more than enough to bring in any one, or potentially two of these players. 

Sitting at 1-6 heading into a bye week, they are the very definition of outside shots to make the playoffs. However, with a far more favorable schedule looking forward than they have had to date, there is always a chance. Should Houston spend picks here? Be a buyer?

There might be a smarter way. Fisher reports that Dallas might simply look to dump players of this caliber if a trade can't be engineered. That's when Houston should jump at Griffen, Poe and Worley - when the cost is reduced to nothing.

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