SOTT Bull Awards: Steelers Edition

Patrick D. Starr

One of the most exciting games in recent Houston Texans history in which the Texans actually came out on top, and it was nice to get the third win of the season against the defending AFC champions Pittsburgh Steelers. The Texans overcame odds in which "other" Texans teams may not have in previous seasons, it is uncharted waters for the Texans and their fan base but there is definitely a different feeling in the air.


Here are the SOTT Bull awards against the Steelers.

Offense (ascending order)


Owen Daniels- His biggest catch was the shoe string catch when he bailed out Matt Schaub on a terrible pass. Daniels had 5 catches for 69 yards and 1 touchdown and his big catches kept Texans drive alive. He finally looks like his old self, but the better version. He looks stronger and tougher to bring down when he has the ball.


Arian Foster-Foster had a huge comeback day with 30 carries and 155 yards on the ground and the game clinching run from 42 yards out when he broke the tackles of Troy Polamalu and Lamarr Woodley on his way to the endzone. The way he make defenders miss in unmatched and he has brought back the explosive play making ability back to the Texans offense.


Offensive Line- I know this can be up for debate, but what they did for Arian Foster and Matt Schaub was unmatched. They cleared the way for Foster's big day and kept Schaub from being sacked from an aggressive Steelers defense. The offensive line has been solid through four games and are putting their mark on the 2011 season. Right now they have a few potential Pro Bowlers in Duane Brown, Wade Smith and Chris Myers, if they can keep up the current play for the long haul.

Defense (ascending order)


Jason Allen- Even though he had some passes completed against him, he answered the call with a huge interception to end the game. He didn't know he was starting until the morning of the game, but he played good enough to keep the Steelers receivers from getting the usual big play. Antonio Smith- Once again Smith is causing issues for opponents, and he notched his fourth sack in as many games. Smith has taken to his new position in the defense better than expected, especially after showing his disapproval at the beginning of the season. Smith is causing disruptions in the pocket and causing so much havoc in the pocket for opposing quarterbacks.


Mario Williams- Williams had trouble with the power run game his direction when he kept running upfield, but he corrected it in the 4th quarter. He changed the game with his two sacks and is proving to be a real pass rusher off the edge in the new defense. Williams started the free for all on Ben Roethlisbeger in which the Texans totaled 5 sacks and plenty of quarteback hits.

SOTT Bull Awards scoreboard

(Based on 3 point system, Bronze 1 pt. ,Silver 2pts., Gold 3 pts.)


7 pts. Andre Johnson

6 pts. Offensive Line

3 pts. Matt Schaub

3 pts. James Casey

2 pts. Arian Foster

1 pt. Jacoby Jones, Ben Tate, Owen Daniels


6 pts. J.J. Watt

6 pts. Mario Williams

5 pts. Antonio Smith

4 pts. Brian Cushing

1 pt. Jason Allen

1 pt. Kareem Jackson

1 pt. Shaun Cody

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