SOTT Draft Profile : Ryan Swope, Texas A&M

Patrick D. Starr

Ryan Swope had humble freshman year beginnings on special teams but became a phenom his sophomore year, breaking TAMU's single season reception record. Swope continued his record-breaking streak into his junior year, earning second-team All Big XII accolades. His senior year, he broke the Aggie all-time receiving record.

So what does Swope look like in the pros? We ask TexAgs recruiting intern Brandon Wheeland to share his very knowledgeable insight on what makes Swope special.

Tale of the Tape

Class: Senior

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 206 lbs.

40 time: 4.55 (projected)

How was Ryan Swope recruited to A&M and what has his impact been for the Aggie football team?

Swope committed in 2007 to A&M and the initial plan was for him to play FB/RB or even on the defensive side of the ball. He worked himself into a receiver role and became arguably the most successful receiver in Aggie history, rewriting the WR record books during his time at A&M as well as becoming a leader both on and off the field.

Is Swope strictly a slot receiver or can he excel as a number 2 WR in the NFL?

The potential is certainly there for Swope to become a solid number 2 WR in the right system but I see him as a slot receiver. He certainly has speed, great hands, and is the type of receiver a QB can quickly gain confidence in to convert a much needed third down. Personally I think the New England Patriots or Washington Redskins would be an excellent fit.

How is Swope as a blocker and how to you see his skills translating to the NFL?

Swope has answered every criticism thrown his way since arriving at A&M and always seems to come out on top. He has never been a flashy name or well known nationally necessarily but he quietly gets the job done. My prediction is that Swope is a mid second round talent who won't be taken until the 4th. The team who ends up with him will see his skills translate just fine.

What did Swope do well at WR for TAMU? Where could he use some improvement?

It's hard to say where Swope could use improvement after having 89 catches for 1,207 yards and 11 TD's which is arguably the best season in A&M WR history in his junior year. His production dropped this past season but a lot of that can be credited to a Heisman winning QB who shared the love for all his receivers in a spread offense. Swope will need to work on his ability to get past defenders and not rely so heavily on YAC but that should come with time. He is an NFL ready possession receiver who won't get much spotlight but will be a big contributor.

We saw Swope's production decline slightly from 2011 into 2012. Was this because of Manziel's ability to score with his legs or were there other factors?

Part of the reason Swope was so successful in 2011 was due to the fact that teammate Jeff Fuller was so inconsistent. Fuller was projected to be a first round pick at the beginning of the year and ended up going undrafted. A lot of the passes that were suppose to be for Fuller ended up going to Swope which was the reason his numbers were so high in '11. 2012 stat drop can be attributed to the overall talent of the football team and more guys getting the job done. Swope will be just fine at the next level.


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