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SOTT Fantasy Recap: Week 7


This week in SOTT Fantasy Recap we will look at all of the contributors to the week 7 matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Texans appeared inspired and Case Keenum gave them a spark, which was great to see. Unfortunately, the Chiefs' pass rush proved to be too much for the Texans in the fourth quarter and ultimately was the undoing of the Texans. Let’s look at how well they did and where they ranked amongst the rest of the NFL.


Case Keenum – Keenum played very well for his first start considering it was on the road and in front of the NFL’s loudest and most hostile crowd. Keenum showed poise and confidence in the pocket. Keenum was also able to show his deep ball ability by hitting DeAndre Hopkins on a deep route for a touchdown. Keenum has the foundational tools to build on and he should be the starter for the remainder of the season. Here are Keenum’s stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 13.84 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 18.00 pts.

15 completions, 25 attempts, 271 yards, 1 touchdown fantasy ranking – 19th


Andre Johnson Johnson was limited to just four receptions due to the pass rush getting to Keenum in the second half of the game. Johnson played inspired ball but the Texans offensive line wasn’t able to give Keenum enough time to target his top receiver more. Here are Johnson’s stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 8.90 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 11.00 pts.

6 targets, 4 receptions, 89 yards fantasy ranking – 25th

DeAndre Hopkins – Hopkins showed what he is capable of when you get him the ball by getting separation from the defender, catching the ball over his shoulder and getting both feet in before he went out of the back of the end zone. I have been advocating that the Texans need to target him more, but depending on who starts seems to determine his effectiveness. Here are Hopkins’ stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 13.60 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 14.50 pts.

4 targets, 3 receptions, 76 yards fantasy ranking – 10th

Lestar Jean – Jean got playing time ahead of Martin due to shoulder injuries and being unreliable, but Jean also was one of Keenum’s top targets in the preseason. The familiarity between the two helped to make Keenum more comfortable. Here are Jean’s stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 2.10 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 3.00 pts.

2 targets, 2 receptions, 21 yards fantasy ranking – 81st

DeVier Posey – Posey got into the game and flashed once again. It seems that each time Posey gets his hands on the football that he’s turning it upfield to get extra yards. The Texans will do well to keep him in the receiver rotation as the season progresses. Here are Posey’s stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 4.20 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 5.50 pts.

2 targets, 1 reception, 42 yards fantasy ranking – 45th


Garrett Graham – Graham was the top target for Keenum and had an opportunity to catch a touchdown pass but was unable to reel it in. After that, safety Eric Berry was draped all over Graham each time Keenum went to him and at times should have drawn an interference call, but it never happened. Graham has progressed in his route running and has shown the ability to get open. Keenum didn’t see him on a route down the seam that could have placed the Texans in great field position. Here are Graham’s stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 3.80 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 4.50 pts.

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8 targets, 3 receptions, 38 yards fantasy ranking – 23rd


Arian Foster – Foster’s game was cut short due to a hamstring injury suffered in the first quarter. Here are Foster’s stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 1.10 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 1.00 pts.

4 carries, 11 yards fantasy ranking – 61ST

Ben Tate – Tate entered the game in the first quarter after Foster tweaked his hamstring. Tate was somewhat effective while he was in the game but was later speared by Chiefs defensive lineman Dontari Poe and was later diagnosed with four broken ribs. Here are Tate’s stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 5.50 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 6.00 pts.

15 carries, 50 yards

2 receptions, 5 yards fantasy ranking – 35TH

Greg Jones – Jones was forced into action because Cierre Wood was inactive, and it was evident that Jones had not played running back in years. Here are Jones’ stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 0.20 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 0.00 pts.

2 carries, 2 yards fantasy ranking – 80th


Randy Bullock – Bullock was consistent throughout the game and it was the difference in the Texans keeping the game within striking distance and suffering another bad loss. Here are Bullock’s stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 10.00 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 12.00 pts.

1 - 1 extra points

3 – 3 field goals fantasy ranking – 12th


Texans – The Texans defense put in a respectable game, yet they will miss Brian Cushing in the middle as they became very soft against the run and got less pressure on the quarterback when he was gone. Here are the Texans defense’s stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 7.00 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 12.00 pts.

2 sacks, 16 points allowed, 1 interception, 1 fumble recovery fantasy ranking – 17th

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