SOTT Reps Houston with Fantasy Football Team

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Well, it finally happened. We have a fantasy football team. State of the Texans was recently invited to join Crown Royal's First-And-Crown Fantasy Football league. We'll be competing against other various NFL-team themed media outlets for prizes that we're going to turn around and give away to you guys (aren't we just the best?). Some of those teams include the Bucs, Cowboys, Bears, Patriots, Raiders, Chiefs, Seahawks, Ravens, Colts, Steelers and Broncos.

This past Thursday, we participated in the infamous draft day of our league. When you're in a 16-team (regular scoring) league with people who you have no clue about, things can get a little dicey. The following is a quick recap of our draft and our selections. Be gentle:

Round 1: We landed the third pick but quickly realized there were 15 other teams in our league. Yikes. So naturally with Adrian Peterson (MIN) and C.J. Spiller (BUF) going No. 1 & 2 respectively, we quickly picked up Arian Foster. I think his injuries this off season were a bit exaggerated and that he'll be ready to be as productive as he always is for fantasy rosters everywhere.

Round 2: I won't name names, but a certain Texas city north of Houston made the uber-rookie mistake of drafting a QB (Drew Brees (NO)) 4th overall. I don't fault them for picking Brees over Aaron Rodgers (GB), but I do for picking a QB so high in a QB rich league this season. Of course, everyone started panicking and picking up QBs, but not us. We stuck to our guns and picked up running back, David Wilson (NYG).

Round 3: Remember how I said everyone was panicking? Well, we suffered for it. We were quickly running out of options at QB so we picked up Cam Newton (CAR). A solid choice, but his inconsistency could cause problems due to lack of offensive weapons around him.

Round 4: This was about the time where everyone started panicking about WRs. Unless you're in a PPR league, there's not really an excuse for picking up WRs prior to stocking up on your RBs. But since everyone made such poor decisions in prior rounds, chaos ensued. We stayed with our game plan though and picked up Ahmad Bradshaw (IND).

Round 5: This is probably when we should've begun conforming with the craziness and started picking up some WRs, but we just couldn't help ourselves. A stable of running backs is never a bad thing in Fantasy Football so we went with Rashard Mendenhall (ARI). I think he'll do better than expected this season, but we'll see.

Round 6: It was right about now when we may or may not have regretted waiting so long to pick up a WR. The pickings were slim, so we ended up going with Josh Gordon (CLE). Even though he's suspended until Week 3, he has high upside in an offense that desperately needs him and he made an impression in training camp.

Round 7: A little worried, we were able to grab DeAndre Hopkins. I think we all think this kid will make plays, but fantasy-wise it's high risk/reward. Here's hoping more-so on the reward side of things.

Round 8: We got lucky. Fred Davis (WAS) was still available and we needed a TE badly.

Round 9-14: It was a total free-for-all at this point. People trying desperately to make up for their poor roster filling choices in the earlier rounds. Again, when you're in a 16 person league, you really have to know how to spread out your roster picks - even in the panic created by people who don't know what they're doing (someone drafting Le'Veon Bell(PIT) was probably the highlight of the draft). Some notable pickups for us were Randy Bullock, the Green Bay Packers defense and Sam Bradford (STL).

In case you wanted to skip straight to the goods, here's our final roster:

  1. QB - Cam Newton (CAR)
  2. RB - Arian Foster (HOU)
  3. RB - David Wilson (NYG)
  4. WR - Pat Edwards (DET)
  5. WR - DeAndre Hopkins (HOU)
  6. TE - Fred Davis (WAS)
  7. DEF - Green Bay Packers
  8. K - Randy Bullock (HOU)
  9. BN - Sam Bradford (STL)
  10. BN - Ahmad Bradshaw (IND)
  11. BN - Rashard Mendenhall (ARI)
  12. BN - Josh Gordon (CLE)
  13. BN - Cordarrelle Patterson (MIN)
  14. BN - Kendall Wright (TEN)

So, how'd we do? As a reminder, keep an eye out for updates on how our team is doing and for prize giveaways for you, our readers (yes, YOU). We'll even let you pick the lineup mid season. Game on and #ReignOn.

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