SOTT Week 2 Crown Royal Fantasy Football Update

Patrick D. Starr

As you might have heard, SOTT has been invited to play in Crown Royal's First-And-Crown Fantasy Football league. We're two weeks into the season and already we've got lots to talk about. Whether it's people calling for Randy Bullock's job or Kirk Cousins to start over Robert Griffin III, the fans and media are in total overreaction mode and that can mean only one thing: the NFL season is in full swing. And so it goes with Fantasy Football.

By now you've already experienced the overly confident, premature bragging and trash talking in your own leagues and ours is no exception. We knew it was gonna be rough at first, but now we've had two weeks worth of production, the waiver wire has become sleeper central. Here's a recap of the first two weeks:

Week 1 Matchup Against CrownRoyal 39.00-73.00 (L)(0-1)

Like I said, we knew it was going to be rough at first, but when you're going up against the trifecta of Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez (ATL) you don't have a lot of high hopes of coming away with the W. Not to mention Cam Newton (CAR) was a total letdown. He only threw for 125 yds and rushed for 38. His 3 TDs were his only saving grace. Meanwhile, he was completely upstaged by our bench QB Sam Bradford (STL)who threw for 299 yds, 2 TDs and a 2pt. conversion. Of course, at this point it's too early to start thinking of switching QBs and in Newton's defense he was playing the Seattle Seahawks, but this is still sub par for someone of his alleged fantasy value.

We knew 39 points was never going to cut it in any game, so it was time to make some moves. We activated RB Rashard Mendenhall (ARI) to replace the fumble prone David Wilson (NYG). I think Mendenhall's fantasy value was severely underrated this preseason, and it was time to put that to the test. We also played the waiver wire and were able to pick up WR Andre Roberts (ARI), RB Brandon Jacobs (NYG), and the Dallas Cowboys defense. We then activated Andre Roberts to replace the unproductive Cordarrelle Patterson (CAR).

Week 2 Matchup Against Cutler's Jerkface 79.00-118.00 (L)(0-2)

Alright, so we're improving. This time it didn't help that we were going up against an even better team than last week. Aaron Rodgers (GB), Darren Sproles (NO), and Brandon Marshall (CHI) to name a few. Newton did better this week but not by much, and again he was dramatically outplayed by Bradford who threw for 352 yds, 3 TDs and rushed for 25 yds. Our Running backs were solid and our WRs had improved with Hopkins establishing himself as a solid WR2. WR Andre Roberts didn't do much, but he was just a placeholder for Josh Gordon (CLE) until he returns from his two week suspension next week. Another horribly disappointing week from Fred Davis (WAS) means we're going to have to start looking for another option at TE.

We were able to add WR Aaron Dobson (NE) to replace Patterson as a backup. After two weeks of sub par production and being outplayed by our bench QB, we benched Cam Newton for Sam Bradford to see if this was more than a fluke.

Our (much improved) roster for Week 3 moving forward:

  1. QB - Sam Bradford (STL)
  2. RB - Arian Foster (HOU)
  3. RB - Rashard Mendenhall (ARI)
  4. WR - Josh Gordon (CLE)
  5. WR - DeAndre Hopkins (HOU)
  6. TE - Fred Davis (WAS)
  7. DEF - Dallas Cowboys
  8. K - Randy Bullock (HOU)

Next up we play Broncos Reign (1-1) and KC Fandom (1-1). Keep your eyes on State of the Texans for future updates on our team and for prize giveaways in the upcoming weeks! As always, Texans fans: Game on and #ReignOn.

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