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Sunday Could Mark the End For Some Texans

This coming Sunday will mark the end of a disappointing 2013 NFL season that was full of promise but ultimately ended the worst way possible. One more loss and the Texans will wrap up the first overall pick for the 2014 NFL draft and it will start the speculation on what will be an interesting off season.

With the Texans traveling to Tennessee, it could mark the end for a select group and their time in Houston. We take a look at a group that could be seeing their time in Houston come to an end.

Wade Phillips

It is hard to think that the interim/defensive coordinator will make it into next season. Hand picked by Owner Bob McNair to fix the defense, it could be difficult to see a new head coach keep Phillips around, especially if it is a defensive minded coach. Phillips is very responsible for the personnel that is on the field for the Texans defense, which has not been up to par for what the defense has needed. If Phillips is not named the new head coach, this team could be moved in a completely new direction without Phillips.

Antonio Smith

Signed in 2009 by the Texans, Smith is currently in the last year of his current contact. His cap number is high and his production in the run game defense has been disappointing. The team needs his cap space to make some moves during the offseason. For a team that needs to make an over haul of sorts, Smith's average salary of $7.1 million will come in handy. At 32, Smith's price tag coming off the books will be a good thing for the Texans and being able to get younger and cheaper is another key for the Texans.

Wade Smith

Probably one of the best signings of Rick Smith's tenure as a general manager was Wade Smith. But as time has gone on, Smith's production at left guard has declined. Smith played at a Pro Bowl level in 2011, but injuries have caught up to the left guard and he has not played one snap healthy in 2013. He solidified the position when he arrived from Kansas City, but his play has been anything but good this season. Another player where his age, 32, has played a factor in his future in Houston, but clearing $3.75 million off the books will be another positive.

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Matt Schaub

The contract was in question for the Texans when they extended him prior to the start of the 2012 season, and his play in 2013 totally destroyed the validity of the deal. Schaub has $10.5 million left on his contract guaranteed for the final three seasons, and the cap hits of his deal are nothing nice for a quarterback that single handedly was the reason for the collapse of this team. It is hard to tell what the Texans will try to do with Schaub during the offseason, but June 1st of next year is the key date for his future in Houston.

Low Guarantees Could Mean End of the Road

Brice McCain (900k guaranteed)

McCain has two years left on his deal that he signed in 2013, and his performance on the field has been disappointing. With low money owed to him, McCain could easily be replaced heading into 2014.

T.J. Yates ($92,500 guaranteed)

Yates is the one quarterback who did not get a fair shot this season, despite the poor quarterback play all season. It is hard to see Yates making the team next season, and the only thing that will save him for next year is a new head coach that wants him on the team.

Tim Jamison (110K guaranteed)

What the Texans resigned Jamison for in 2010 was a bargain, especially for the production he was putting up as a spot player. A torn achilles in 2012 has slowed him and he is still feeling the effects more than a season later. It has affected his entire game and led him to be inactive for the majority of the season.

Shiloh Keo ($0 guaranteed)

Keo is a depth player that is starting for the Texans on defense at the moment. The Texans need to get better at the bottom end of their roster and, with nothing guaranteed for the safety, Keo could be easily replaced on the 53 man roster.

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