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Super Mario Mouth

Look, we have been trying to be reasonable about this business separation between the Houston Texans and former defensive standout and #1 overall pick, Mario Williams. As we previously talked about a LONG TIME AGO, the idea of the Texans letting Williams walk was a bullet the organization had to bite. Now that he has taken his talents to the Buffalo Toronto Bills (* see note), everything was just fine and it was accepted by the majority of Texans fans that this relationship has come to an end.

Mario and Car

Fast forward to Williams calling November 4th on Twitter, "Judgment Day", the day the Bills visit Reliant in a week 9 contest. To make matters worse, in an article on ESPN Williams had some choice words about the fans of Houston. Williams said...

"The funny thing is when I come back to Houston, and I still have love for everybody -- the coaches, my teammates and the fans --- I get way more recognition now than when I was there, the mindset wasn't the same when I came here."

He continued...

"I can't go anywhere, pretty much, that's great. They truly love football here. They're behind their guys regardless of what's happening. That makes it a lot easier. That's the difference with the Texans. That wasn't the case."

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Look, we have been trying to get passed Williams moving on but for some reason he just won't let it go. Bills fans are going to say the Texans are sad and upset he ended up in Buffalo Toronto, but that type of coin that was dropped for him was excessive for a player who has only played in 18 of the possible 34 games for the Texans the past two seasons. All the Bills players and media are impressed with the way Williams looked at OTAs, comparing him to a "Madden Character" and was also described as the "fastest player" on the field. Look, we know what he looks like in shirts and shorts but wait until the pads are strapped on before real assessment can be made.

The past six seasons in Houston, Williams was a good all around defensive end, but the impact player that fans waited for never really showed. I hope he gives the Bills' fans what they want when he puts on that uniform for them, but what would make anyone that has seen him play the past seasons think it would or will change. A new contract? A change of scenery? Doubt it.

Texans fans in Bills fans' eyes look like the cry babies about losing Williams, but to me it seems like Williams is the one that is hurt because he is the one who won't let the subject die. Either he loves the game or he doesn't, but now all of sudden he is a new football player. Well, us Texans fans aren't buying it. Let Williams talk about how terrible of a place Houston is and how bad the fans treated him, then in the next breath talk about how the Bills fans are the best in the NFL.

Let him say all the right things to the media, but the only thing that matters is what Williams is going to do on the field for the Bills. Talk is cheap and with all of the shots Williams has been taking since signing with the Bills, he has been rather childish. Win or not in week 9, the end result is all that matters as in playoffs or not. The Texans willing to move on without Williams speaks volumes about where the Texans are as a franchiseand what the Texans can do without him. Don't believe us, check what the defense did without Williams last season, not much of an argument if you ask me.

* Note the Toronto Bills are a coined phrase by our friend, QTab. 

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