Texans 53 Man Roster | Version 1

Patrick D. Starr

This is a good time to see if we can put together a legitimate 53 man roster and practice squad for the Texans in our first prediction of the preseason. There have been players making a case to make the team like Trindon Holliday, Sunny Harris, Shiloh Keo and others.

Take a look at our first prediction of the 53 man roster.

Offense (24)

Quarterbacks (2)

Matt Schaub, T.J. Yates

Notes:Head Coach Gary Kubiak has said he will not go into another season without 3 quarterbacks on the 53 man roster, to avoid the issues from 2011. If Case Keenum can prove enough and be stashed on the practice squad, he could prove to be the third quarterback in waiting. We might be going against the grain but John Beck being released would probably be alright because we don't think many teams would come knocking on his door, but he would be on the speed dial just in case.

Running Backs (4)

Arian Foster, Ben Tate, Justin Forsett, Jonathan Grimes

Notes: Possibly the deepest running back trio in the NFL, all three could be big parts of the team this year. Forsett's ability to play running back when needed and provide some depth on special teams is big. The surprise here is Jonathan Grimes. He has shown enough to wake up some teams around the NFL and, with some uncertainty with Ben Tate's future in the coming season, Grimes is another gem for the Texans they cannot let slip away. 

Fullback (1)

Moran Norris

Notes:Went back and forth here but they might need a fullback in short yardage, and goal line situations make it almost a necessity. Norris wins by default.

Tightends (3)

Owen Daniels, James Casey, Garrett Graham

Notes:We placed James Casey here but he will be everywhere. If Garrett Graham can step up his blocking, the Texans will be in good shape at the tightend position. 

Wide Receivers (5)

Andre Johnson, Kevin Walter, Lestar Jean, Keshawn Martin, DeVier Posey

 Notes:A better overall group than the 2011 group with the only initial weak spot being DeVier Posey. A little behind the trend, Posey would not make it to the practice squad so expect him on the opening day 53. 

Offensive Line (9)

Tackles (3)

Duane Brown, Rashad Butler, Derek Newton

 Notes: Pretty easy group to talk about, only real issue is who will be the starter at right tackle. 

Guards (4)

Antoine Caldwell, Wade Smith, Brandon Brooks, Shelley Smith

 Notes:The surprise here is Shelley Smith, and having him gives the Texans insurance with the slow development of Brandon Brooks. Smith was injured and placed on I.R. in 2011 with an ankle injury but he was having a good preseason before the injury, and is doing the same already this preseason. This is a necessity plan with Brooks struggling as an NFL player. 

Center (2)

Chris Myers, Ben Jones

Notes:One of the strong points of the Texans offensive line, the trusty veteran in Chris Myers with the upstart rookie in Ben Jones. Both are gifted players and seeing what Jones has done as the #2 center should make Texans fans excited. 

Defense (25)

Defensive Ends (4)

J.J. Watt, Antonio Smith, Tim Jamison, Jared Crick

 Notes: Only change from last season is the addition of Jared Crick to replace Tim Bulman. As of right now, J.J. Watt, Antonio Smith and Tim Jamison will be getting the majority of the snaps at defensive end, with a little sprinkle of Crick to spell players. 

Nose Tackle (2)

Shaun Cody, Earl Mitchell

Notes:This is the same group as 2011, but the real question is if Shaun Cody can come back and be the same player with his injured back. With those questions of health, Sunny Harris will be first in line to help the team if Cody has any lingering back issues. 

Outside Linebacker (4)

Connor Barwin, Brooks Reed, Whitney Mercilus, Bryan Braman

Notes: Very deep position group and will be the "potential" strength of the defense, but Whitney Mercilus' ability to help on the pass rush is vital to keep Connor Barwin and Brooks Reed fresh throughout the game.

Inside Linebackers (4)

Brian Cushing, Bradie James, Tim Dobbins, Mister Alexander

Notes:We will see how this plays out but Bradie James has been a slight disappointment since coming to the Texans. If either Tim Dobbins or Mister Alexander can prove to be better fits than James, don't know if there is any real reason to keep James in Houston. 

Cornerbacks (6)

Johnathan Joseph, Kareem Jackson, Brice McCain, Brandon Harris, Sherrick McManis, Roc Carmichael

Notes:Another strength of the team, and this might be the season where Kareem Jackson might NOT need a pinch hitter to spell him on the field. The growth of Brandon Harris gives the Texans much more depth and could easily allow Brice McCain to spell Jackson if needed.

Safeties (5)

Danieal Manning, Glover Quin, Troy Nolan, Quintin Demps, Shiloh Keo

Notes:Troy Nolan and Quintin Demps are always around the football, if it is not a tipped pass or interception they always seem to be making plays. They are not even starters which makes this group that impressive, and throw in the development of Shiloh Keo this preseason, good things are happening. Keo has shown he understands the system and him being a key piece of the special teams only makes him that much more valuable to the team.

Specialty (4)

Kicker | Randy Bullock

Punter | Donnie Jones

Snapper | Jon Weeks

Returner | Trindon Holliday

 Notes:The only real question is what is going to come about with the camp battle between Randy Bullock and Shayne Graham. Graham has done everything right but it still feels like this is Bullock's job to lose. Also, if Donnie Jones can get off to a good start in the first three games of the season, Brett Hartmann might be an after thought. Hartmann is coming off a suspension and torn ACL suffered in 2011, and he will be under the microscope when he comes back. I will "Eat Crow" but at this current moment Holliday looks like an asset that can help, but there are two more preseason games for him to make this team. 

Practice Squad (8)

1. Shawn Loiseau, ILB

2. Hebron Fangupo, NT

3. Nick Mondek, OT

4. Jeff Maehl, WR

5. Eddie Pleasant, S

6. Case Keenum, QB

7. Jerrell Jackson, WR

8. Logan Brock, TE

Notes:Obviously the practice squad will change, especially with other players around the NFL being waived. 

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