Texans Bill O'Brien Has No Hard Feelings Towards the Patriots for Tampering Charges and No Nick Caserio

Patrick D. Starr

During the off-season, the Houston Texans attempted to replaced jettisoned former general manager Brian Gaine with New England Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio for the same position. Texans vice president of team development Jack Easteby was in the middle of the entire discussions between Caserio and the possibility of coming to the Texans, which was all put to a stop by the Patriots' brass. 

It was a summer that appeared to be turning in favor of the Texans potentially landing one of Bill Belichick's most trusted personnel men but that was all for not. 

Patriots' owner Robert Kraft filed tampering charges with the NFL regarding the Texans and their attempted hiring of Caserio, who was is still under contract with the Patriots. The Texans' owner Cal McNair and the Patriots agreed to drop the tampering charges leaving Caserio in New England and the Texans without a general manager. 

Since that point, the Texans have entrusted head coach Bill O'Brien and multiple people in the front office to make personnel decisions for the organization. Even to this point, the Texans have made some aggressive moves that have paid off helping the team to their current 7-4 record. 

He asked if there was any hard feeling towards the Patriots filing tampering charges against the Texans organization, preventing O'Brien from bringing his good friend Caserio as the general manager of the Texans. 

O'Brien was open about the situation.

"No," O'Brien admitted. "I mean I think in the NFL there are only 32 teams. Sometimes you work in an organization where you know a lot of people, you know you have a respect for their jobs and what they do, and at the end of the day you try to do the best you can to at times communicate, and maybe you get a chance to work together."

O'Brien continued, " In that instance, it didn't really work out. Whatever happened, happened. There are no hard feelings. I mean, we have a lot of respect for the Patriots. I have a lot of respect for Bill (Belichick). I'm very grateful to Bill for the opportunities he gave me. And then obviously I have a lot of close friends on the staff over there that I worked with. So, there's no, none of that, not on our end."

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