Texans Bill O'Brien Trusts That Laremy Tunsil is Going to Correct His False Start Issue

Patrick D. Starr

Houston- A day after Houston Texans starting left tackle Laremy Tunsil made it known he has "a target on his back" for his frequent false start issue that has been haunting him the entire season. 

Tunsil leads the league with 13 false start penalties and looking for explanations from the referees. The left tackle is frustrated with the situation. 

Head coach Bill O'Brien knows Tunsil's false start problem is an issue, but he has faith in his left tackle that he will get it corrected.

"Don't know what he said," O'Brien said of Tunsil. "Laremy is a really good pro. And like I said after the game, he's going to work hard to fix the things that he needs to fix."

With O'Brien attributing Tunsil's false start problems to situational football and different cadences used by Deshaun Watson during games, O'Brien thinks it starts on the practice field for Tunsil to get it sorted out.

"I think we've got to coach it better," O'Brien said of helping Tunsil out with his issue. "And we've got to get these guys to understand what we're talking about and what we're trying to accomplish on that particular play. Every game, each play is a situation unto itself."

O'Brien continued, "So understand the situation that you know in this situation we may use this type of cadence, and we may do this or that, then we just have to get the players to understand that better and then we've got to execute it on the practice field."

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