Texans Brandin Cooks continues to be impressed with Deshaun Watson

Brandin Cooks is learning his role with the Houston Texans offense and he continues to be impressed with quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Houston, Texas- Houston Texans wide receiver Brandin Cooks has started to get to work with his new team with virtual meetings taking place. Meeting as a team and in position groups, Cooks is beginning to get acclimated with the offense and, most importantly, Deshaun Watson. Just in the first week of meetings, Cooks has come out impressed with the Texans' quarterback. 

It was a down season for Cooks in 2019 with the Rams. Last season Cooks, appeared in 14 games catching 42 passes for 583 yards averaging 13.9 yards a catch with two touchdowns. 

The Texans are attempting to find a balance with Cooks' deep ball presence but use him as a route runner allowing Will Fuller V and Kenny Stills also to help stretch the defense. 

Cooks had 53 receptions for 550 yards while averaging 10.4 yards a reception and three touchdowns. Cooks had career lows in receiving yards and yards per catch plus his second-lowest yards per target at 8.1 yards. 

Now teamed with Deshaun Watson, Cooks is looking to get back on track with his production. 

"I mean when you look at a guy like the Deshaun," Cooks started. "Just watching him from a distance and now watching the film on him now that I joined the team. The guy can throw every single ball. He throws the deep ball so great."

Watson was a top-five deep-ball passer in 2019, and Cooks' skillset fits right into what the young quarterback does best on the field

Cooks continued. "He's able to throw on the run and on the move. There's a lot that you look at your like 'Okay, what can this guy not do?' and you can't answer that, you know? Because he makes every single throw, so I look forward to that from that standpoint."

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