Texans Brandin Cooks looking forward to being part of a new-look offense

Patrick D. Starr

The newest addition to the Houston Texans offense Brandin Cooks is currently in Los Angeles, waiting for his opportunity to finally get to Houston and continue his career with his new team. Looking at houses to live in through virtual tours, Cooks is preparing for his eventual move to Houston and start his new journey part of a new look Texans offense. 

Cooks took part in a zoom conference call for Second Baptist School located in Houston, Texas called Eagle Vision. 

Cooks along with Head of School Dr. Don Davis and Director of Athletics Mike Walker had a zoom call with former Texans receiver and the school's new receiver coach Cecil Shorts, III. The panel discussed multiple topics, including their faith, coming back from injury, and playing in the Super Bowl. 

When asked about his arrival to the Texans, Cooks' was more than pleased to talk about joining a talented receiver group. Cooks is looking forward to not being the only receiver required to be the vertical threat. He sees interchangeable vertical threats on the Texans. 

"I mean, you talk about guys that can blow the top off," Cooks said on the call. "I'm so excited because now it's not like, 'Okay, that job is just not on me. I can run some routes now too.'" 

With joining the Texans' best vertical threat in Will Fuller V, Cooks sees Kenny Stills as another option giving the offense three real options to stress defenses. 

"You got guys like Will Fuller, that can blow it off," Cooks said of the vertical presence beside him. "Even Kenny Stills, he ran a 4.3 coming out. I'm just excited to collaborate with them."

Coming from a talented group with the Los Angles Rams, Cooks understands having a deep and diverse group at the wide receiver position will only help the team in the long run. Cooks has bought into the group that the Texans have for quarterback Deshaun Watson's disposal. 

"As I've always said," Cooks continued. "I say you look around the league and if you got a receiving corps that just only made up of one guy. Typically you ask yourself. How far in the playoffs do they make it? But when you put yourself in a position where you're around a bunch of other guys, typically those are the teams that are playing deep in the postseason, and I'm all about just doing whatever it is best for the team. I'm excited to be joining, great group of guys for sure."

The arrival of Cooks comes at a time where a fan favorite in DeAndre Hopkins was traded to open a spot in the depth chart. With the addition of Randall Cobb and Cooks, the Texans have concentrated on the depth and more options for Watson.

With just the moves that head coach Bill O'Brien has put together, Cooks himself is trusting the process and vision. He already likes what the offense is shaping up to be in 2020. 

"We got a special quarterback in Deshaun," Cooks said. "Special guys at the receiver position, the addition of David Johnson and our line and our defense. I think at the end of the day, you're going to see a fast offense, that's for sure. An offense with a sense of urgency and guys that go out there and play for one another, you got vets like Randall Cobb coming in."

Cooks added, "I think that's what we're going to be all about playing for one another, being disciplined and going out there having fun, and you know making a push for it."

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