Texans coaches push their players to learn in their virtual setting

Pavithr Goli

During the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the Texans coaching staff have faced a significant challenge in being able to spend quality time practicing with their players on the field and improving their game. 

The Texans coaching staff have improvised and found creative ways to continuously improve their players even if they are not able to coach them in-person and on a football field. 

Almost a month completed in their virtual OTAs, Both offensive coordinator Tim Kell and defensive coordinator Anthony Weaver have orchestrated virtual meetings that have been essential in teaching and developing players. 

Kelly admitted that the situation was tough as he is unable to coach the team in person. 

 "I think any time you have the opportunity to get your hands on them and be able to get them out on the grass," Kelly said. "I think you'd rather do that, obviously, with being able to allow those players, those new pieces, to kind of build that chemistry on the grass." 

Weaver also shared similar sentiments as Kelly. "We've tried to operate as best we could to keep things as we would if we were in the stadium."

Weaver emphasized a strong level of communication between coaches and players. With new terminology and thinking coming with Weaver, he is working hard to get all of the position groups on the same page to hit the ground running when they finally can get to the football field. 

He said, "So, early on, all of us, the position coaches, had individual meetings with our players, and then right away, we decided to teach some of the changes we made from a terminology standpoint and then get right into the install."

Kelly still believes that communication has been enhanced between him, his other coaches, and his players. 

Kelly added, "But as far as what we're able to do throughout these Zoom meetings, it's really kind of a unique deal because everybody seems to be more comfortable in front of the screen, whether it's in front of their phone or their tablet or their computer."

Kelly furthermore clarified, "So the communication that's going on right now between our players, between one another, between coach to player and player to coach, has really been encouraging."

"So, while yeah, you're able to kind of dive into those details and really… I think you'd always really want to be able to get your hands on them and be able to use the grass", Kelly further explained.

Kelly reiterated, "But for our guys to be able to come in here and approach this off-season the way they have in such an uncertain time, it's really been encouraging."

Weaver took this new form of training and teaching into stride. He furthermore emphasized, "The one thing about this format is we can get into some graduate-level details where we're not under the gun, we're not in a rush."

The Texans have opened up NRG Stadium for staff to return to the stadium, but coaches are not permitted to return to the stadium until the NFL allows all teams to return. 

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