Texans DeAndre Hopkins Picture Needs to Be Next to the Definition of an NFL Wide Receiver? - Bill Belichick Thinks So

Patrick D. Starr

It was no surprise when New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick to hear his answer on Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Asked about Hopkins' presence in the Texans offense, Belichick spoke highly of one of the best wide receivers in the game. The same receiver that Belichick attempted to acquire from the Texans in 2017, which ended up being rebuffed. 

Belichick made it clear when you're talking about an NFL receiver and what teams are looking for, Hopkins is that type of player. 

"I think he defines an NFL receiver," Belichick said of Hopkins. "If you open “NFL receiver” in the dictionary, put his picture next to it. He gets open, he catches the ball. Doesn’t matter what the route is, doesn’t matter what the coverage is, doesn’t matter where the ball’s thrown or what the situation – first-and-10, fourth-and-goal – he’s very, very productive. And he has such a variety of skills and routes, he can really do it all."Described as "good as there is" in the NFL, Belichick lauded Hopkins' full array of traits that make him one of the top receivers in today's game.

This season Hopkins has 81 receptions for 839 yards and six touchdowns, and he was able to register his 600 career NFL reception. That was the second fasted to that plateau in NFL history, only trailing Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald. 

"He's got tremendous ball skills," Belichick continued, "Is long, great judgment, great timing to go up and get the ball. Make some extended catches that I don't know how many guys other than him could make them. But he's got good hands."

Belichick continued, "Good timing, strong hands, as you said. He creates separation with his quickness, his physical size his length. He is really never covered because there's always someplace you can put the ball, where you can catch it and, and he has the hands to catch it — very hard guy to stop."

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