Texans DeAndre Hopkins Reminds The Colts T.Y. Hilton That NRG Stadium Is His Home

Patrick D. Starr

Last season Indianapolis Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton called NRG Stadium his home. Hilton has been a Texans wrecker with his production since he arrived in the NFL. It has been a three-game winning streak for the Colts over the Texans, but on Thursday Night Football, it was put to a stop in the stadium Hilton called home. 

Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins was one of the best players on the field in the Texans 20-17 win over the Colts. Catching six passes for 94 yards and two touchdowns, Hopkins took what Hilton personal and wanted to remind everyone that this was still his house at NRG Stadium.

When asked about Hilton's comments on calling NRG Stadium his home, Hopkins responded with "Of course" if it bothered him on what Hilton said.

"You know someone says this is their home," Hopkins continued, "You know they're insulting me. You know TY (Hilton) is a great player. You know, that's my boy. But I take things like that personally I really, I didn't know that until you just said that. I'm not really in the media."

Dealing with a calf injury, Hilton returned to the lineup to catch three passes for 18 yards marking his second-worst performance against the Texans in his career. The lack of Hilton in the Colts' offense showed the lack of big plays. 

Hilton was the story coming into tonight's game, but it was Hopkins that left the firm reminder that he remains one of the best wide receivers in the game. 

Hopkins continued on Hilton, "You know, he's played some amazing games here today, wasn't their day."

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