Texans' DeAndre Hopkins Toe-Tap Ability Is the Best Bill O'Brien Has Ever Seen

Patrick D. Starr

In DeAndre Hopkins fashion, when the Houston Texans needed big plays, they turned to him. In the biggest regular-season game to this point, Hopkins showed up when it counted with six receptions for 94 yards and two touchdowns. 

With all of the big plays that Hopkins produced, his precision of routes and ability to toe-tap on the sidelines has his head coaches attention. Bill O'Brien appreciates all the chunk plays Hopkins makes but is in awe of his ability to tight rope the sideline to make catches. 

"The play he made where he kept his feet in bounds," O'Brien said of Hopkins. "He is the best, personally, that I've ever seen at being able to toe-tap the sideline. I've never seen anything like it. He does it time and time again, and when he tells you he's in bounds, he's in bounds. When he tells you, 'I didn't get my second foot down,' then he didn't get his second foot down. He's got an incredible knack for that, and that play he made last night was a great play and that's why Deshaun (Watson) has a lot of trust in him, plays like that."

After the Texans win, Hopkins was asked directly about the reception against the Colts in which two officials were going back and forth if it was a reception or not.

"One of the refs, I don't know why he tried to wave it off," Hopkins said of his third-down reception. "The other ref he was like that was a catch. I think he's watched more of my games than the other guy to know you know you don't really overturn those."

On the season, Hopkins has 81 receptions for 839 yards and six touchdowns.

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I did not know what that specific skill was called in football vocabulary. I just knew that Hopkins possesses that and other unique talent. My description of Hopkin's 'abilit[ies]' are that he is absolutely incredible! Go Nuk!👍😁🏈



Best WR in football, one of a kind type of talent