Texans Deshaun Watson Heads to Clemson to Help Present Dabo Swinney His AFCA All-State Good Works Award

Patrick D. Starr

During the Houston Texans bye week, quarterback Deshaun Watson took time to fly to Clemson to present his former college coach Dabo Swinney with the AFCA All-State Good Works Award. 

Selected to the team with 22-players, Swinney was voted as the coach for the 2019 team by the selection panel. 

Swinney leads his All In Team Foundation, Dabo and his wife Kathleen since 2009 have given more than $5.5 million to help people across South Carolina, improving access to housing and medical care and raising awareness of critical education and health issues for those in need.

Watson, who flew to Clemson to present the award in front of the team meant so much to Swinney. 

 "The fact that Deshaun Watson flew all the way here," Swinney said of Watson. "You know, he called me I thought he was just stopping by to say hey, but the fact that he flew all the way here to make an effort to come and surprise me and present the trophy to me in the team meeting was even more special."

Swinney continued, "Because he's the epitome of the good works team. And so it's a great honor and something I'm super proud of and, you know, again, Deshaun taking his time on his opening date to come and do that was really really cool."

Watson was selected to the AFCA Good Works Team in 2016. 

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