Texans Draft Map: The Rick Smith Era

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With the NFL Draft closing in, we decided to look at where General Manager, Rick Smith looks for his draft picks. We found some interesting information while looking at what Smith has done with their draft picks since 2007, his first official draft. We only looked at the draft picks and did not include the undrafted free agents. You will see a break down of where the draft pick came from (The state where the school is located) and we put together some interesting facts about Smith's draft picks.

Rick Smith

Maybe we can get some clues where some of the picks from the new 2012 draft class will come from.


To understand the map the colored states are where the Texans have drafted players from. The Red indicates that only one player was taken from that state, the Blue indicates more than one player was taken and the number indicates how many players.

Quick Facts

* 23 states are represented with the Texans 39 draft picks (2007-2011)

* Lead States: Virginia (5), Texas (4), Alabama (3), Arizona (3), California (2), Miami (2), North Carolina (2), Wisconsin (2), Kentucky (2)

* Lead Schools: Virginia Tech (4), Alabama (2), Rice University (2), University of Texas (2), University of Arizona (2), Miami (Florida) (2)

* Picks by Conference: ACC (8), Pac-12 (6), SEC (5), Big 10 (4), Big East (4), Big 12 (3), Conference USA (2), Mountain West (2), WAC (2), Sun Belt (1), Ohio Valley (1), SIA Conference (1)

* Draft Picks by Position: Defensive Back (12) Linebacker (6), Offensive Line (6), Defensive Line (5), Wide Receiver (3), Tight End (3), Quarterback (2), Running Back (2)

* 25 picks are still with the organization (64%)

* 34 picks were on a NFL Roster in 2011 (87%)

* Rick Smith's first draft pick was Amobi Okoye(2007 Draft, #10 Overall)

* The 2007 and 2008 draft classes only have 4 players still on the roster: Jacoby Jones, Kasey Studdard, Duane Brown, Dominique Barber (14 total picks)

* From Last three draft classes only 3 players are no longer with the team: Anthony Hill, Dorin Dickerson, Cheta Ozougwu (25 total picks)

* Only one All-Pro Player has been produced in Rick Smith's tenure: Brian Cushing (2009)

* 8 players who started opening day in 2011 were drafted by Smith: Duane Brown, Jacoby Jones, James Casey, Brian Cushing, Connor Barwin, Glover Quin, Kareem Jackson, J.J. Watt

To see the Texans complete draft picks, you can see them here

Sorry we couldn't find a good Duane Brown video of draft day that was acceptable for our site.