Texans Duke Johnson Continues to Learn the Offense - Knows He Has 'More to Give'

Patrick D. Starr

It has taken some time, but running back Duke Johnson has started to feel comfortable in the Houston Texans offense. Johnson has been an integral part of the Texans offensive scheme at running back, helping build an even more explosive offense with his presence out of the backfield. 

Already up to 515 all-purpose yards and three total touchdowns, Johnson is second in the team in total touches per game with 8.4. It is Johnson's ability to be able to put pressure on linebackers attempting to cover him in the passing game that makes him even more dangerous.

One of the items Bill O'Brien is attempting to improve is how the Texans will expand the running backs in the offensive scheme, which includes Johnson.  

"I think we can do more things with them," O'Brien said of the running backs. "I think they're more comfortable with the offense, and that'll be part of our study coaching-wise over the break, but both of those guys have been good additions."

It has been a season that started with instability for Johnson in Cleveland to find a home and role with the Texans. Now entering the final stretch of the season, Johnson is still working on getting comfortable with his role in the offense. 

"It was game one week one," Johnson said of being placed into the offense. "I was here for about three weeks at that point. I was still getting acclimated learning schedule on the playbook, learning the players, especially the offenses do's and don'ts things like that. I'm getting there. I'm still not where I want to be but definitely get there."

Johnson has been showing over the past four games that he can help the offense. He has scored a touchdown in three of those games while catching 13 passes for 143 yards and rushing for 82 yards. 

The last month has been productive for Johnson, and that has helped him establish a role in the offense. That role has helped Deshaun Watson find a new weapon to add to his already deep skill group. 

"I'm very energized," Johnson said of his recent production. "I have a lot more to give, a lot more to learn, a lot more to do."

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