Texans Dylan Cole has started the running phase from his ACL recovery

Patrick D. Starr

"It's a long process, and we're using all the time, just to play it the right way, play it safe, and make sure that I get back to where I was and just the right way." 

Returning full-strength from a torn ACL remains linebacker Dylan Cole's goal entering the 2020 season. Cole is working to recover from an ACL injury he suffered in week 12 against the Indianapolis Colts on a special teams kick off coverage play. 

Cole sat down with ABC 13's (Houston) David Nuño to discuss his recovery from his torn ACL he suffered last season.

"I'm in the running phase right now," Cole said of his rehab. "I'm getting the run around finally get back on the field and just getting my feet underneath me, and it feels good."

Cole was working with team personnel with his recovery, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, he had to rehab away from the facility. Now, with some restrictions lifted by the NFL, allowing players back in the building to continue their rehab, Cole is entering an important part of his recovery.  

"I feel the biggest thing is getting my leg strength back," Cole added. "I feel like that's what we've done a really good job the past six months is just get my leg straight back. I feel really good where we're at right now."

It has been a tough road for Cole, who has landed on the injured reserve three times since entering the NFL in 2017. With a hamstring injury, a wrist injury, and now his ACL, Cole is still looking to play a full 16 game season for the Texans. 

Time is still on Cole's side, and he sees no issue on being full-speed when the regular season arrives. Cole is working to erase the injury history from his mind to be ready for the upcoming season. 

"We still have maybe three months or so before we strap them up, hopefully," Cole said of getting back to playing football. "So I feel really good about where I'm at right now for sure."

In three seasons with the Texans, Cole has 61 total tackles, seven pass deflections, and two interceptions in 31 career games. In 2019, Cole finished with eight special teams tackles. 

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Glad to hear that he is on the right track to getting back out on the field. Hopefully he comes back even stronger and becomes a big piece of this defense.