Texans Exec Easterby 'Banned' From Houston Restaurant

Jack Easterby's public punishment? One popular Houston restaurant is refusing to serve him.
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One of the great byproducts of the Houston Texans' recent series of failures is the passion it has produced in the fan base.

Oh, it's not as strong as the passion produced by winning. But "anger'' is better than "apathy.''

Which brings us to a central target for the scorn of Texans fans, Jack Easterby, the "non-football football executive'' who has had a hand in the aforementioned series of failures.

And as Jack's punishment? One popular Houston restaurant is refusing to serve him.

Yahoo senior NFL reporter Charles Robinson, who knows his way around H-Town, posted this to Twitter on Sunday:

The table is essentially reserved for "Anybody other than Jack Easterby.''

Writes Robinson: "This is legitimately on the tables of a very popular Houston restaurant. The Texans ... man. This is definitely a new one.''

It's actually a pretty clever gimmick on the part of the restaurant, and a not-uncommon one. Pick a "villain,'' any villain, and create a sort of "reverse-relationship'' with him ... and the audience will side with "the good guy.''

That is the restauranteur.

Easterby's relationship with Texans owner Cal McNair continues to be strong, with so many of the franchise's moves quite obviously coming at the command of the pastor and "character coach.''

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Two franchise cornerstones, J.J. Watt and Deshaun Watson, are in the news for the wrong reasons, as are two former franchise cornerstones in Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins ... all of which leaves a hungry Texans audience looking for a laugh at Easterby's expense ... in order to avoid having to cry.

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