Texans feel Jonathan Greenard is an outside linebacker to his "core"

The Houston Texans see Jonathan Greenard as a versatile player in their defensive but an outside linebacker when it is all said and done.

Houston Texans general manager and head coach Bill O'Brien already sees where new pass rusher Jon Greenard can line up. During the draft process, Texans' scouts were able to talk to Greenard at the NFL Combine and Senior Bowl to get a closer look at the SEC's leading pass rusher. 

After selecting Greenard at the 90th overall selection, the former Gator can help on defense right away according to O'Brien.

"I think if you're talking base defense," O'Brien explained. "I think you'd probably be at the outside backer. I think it'd be the SAM. You'd be able to play in a stand-up, but I also think he can go to the open side and play a five-technique."

At 6-foot-4 and 262 lbs., Greenard has the ability to move around the defense. With the help of defensive consultant Romeo Crennel and defensive coordinator Anthony Weaver, Greenard is a moveable player for the defense. 

O'Brien envisioned he could see Greenard starting at the strong side, but could also play the other side of the defense because he has size and strength. In a substitute defense, O'Brien said he could line up his new linebacker "anywhere" the defense desired.

"He's got size, he's got strength," O'Brien added. "Then when you get to sub defense it's just anywhere and you know what I mean? Like if we're in an odd front or we're in an even front where could he be? Could it be standing up? Could he be walking around?"

 O'Brien continued, "I mean, Iat his core he's an outside linebacker but I do think he can do a lot of different things."

Greenard said earlier in the night he was comfortable with his hand in the ground or standing up when playing. O'Brien highlighted Greenard's toughness and football intelligence as something he brings to the table today as an NFL player.

The head coach seemed confident despite the limitations for the rookies due to coronavirus his new defenders could help right away. 

In 2019, Greenard was a graduate transfer to Florida where he appeared in 12 games leading the SEC with 9.5 sacks and 15.5 tackles for loss. He also had 52 total tackles, three forced fumbles, four pass breakups.

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