Texans have a strong group of defensive lineman to pick from entering day two

The Houston Texans enter day two of the 2020 NFL Draft with plenty of defensive linemen to suit their needs. Here is a closer look at the top draft-eligible prospects left on the board.

The Houston Texans sat patiently waiting for the first round to play out and now they are set up with plenty of prospects to sift through at the top of round two. With the 40th overall selection, the Texans will be on the clock in a hurry with work to do.

The Texans could trade back which would be optimal but there are plenty of solid prospects who could help their pass rush for the coming seasons. 

Top Defensive Linemen for the Texans Entering Day Two

Ross Blacklock, TCU

The best defensive linemen still in the draft is Ross Blacklock who could become an immediate leader for the Texans defense. A redshirt junior out of TCU, Blacklock was predicted to be picked in the first round and if he falls to the Texans, he would be a must pick. Blacklock is a very intriguing prospect in the eyes of many franchises as he can develop into a productive player that can continue to wreak havoc in the league for years.

Jordan Elliott, Missouri

Jordan Elliot would be a very interesting pick for the Texans today. The Houston native could be a great selection for the Texans as his consistency in beating the blocker is very valuable, after leading the nation in the pass-rush win rate category. Elliot does have some concerns in athleticism, but his production almost makes up for it.

Neville Gallimore, Oklahoma

Drafting Neville Gallimore today would greatly improve the Texans’ interior defensive line. Gallimore, a redshirt senior out of Oklahoma, would not only be a replacement for DJ Reader (who left during the offseason), but he would also bring a new age of youth to the Texans defensive line. Gallimore has elite athleticism, explosiveness, and NFL-level skills that can help him succeed.

Justin Madbuike, Texas A&M

Justin Madbuike, a junior out of Texas A&M, would also be another great choice for the Texans who could be a “plug and play” player that the Texans could easily inject into their defense. Madbuike is a unique player as he has a strong technique, which will be very useful in the NFL, and a strong built that makes him a versatile and very useful player that can be a workhorse lineman that could potentially play all 4 downs.

Raekwon Davis, Alabama 

One of the more intriguing prospects in the draft, Davis would be a safe, yet high-ceiling, player. As a player at Alabama, Raekwon Daivs put up some strong numbers as he displayed to scouts his rare size, strength, and talent as a player that can really push the pocket. The only concern with Davis is his ankle injury which was a hurdle for Davis in 2019.

Leki Fotu, Utah

Leki Fotu has been a highly scouted linemen by the Texans. Fotu has long been predicted to be the Texans draft pick in the fourth round. Fotu would be a great option for the Texans as a really rough and tough run stopper in a division that has to defend against both Derrick Henry and Leonard Fournette.

Marlon Davidson, Auburn

Marlon Davidson is a senior out of Auburn that has been predicted, in many mock drafts, to go to the Texans. Davidson has great raw strength ability that ties in with his sheer versatility against the defensive line. Not only can Davidson use his strength and power in the interior defensive line, but use his speed and explosiveness on the edge, making him a very flexible player.

James Lynch, Baylor 

Throughout this entire draft process, one of the most underrated draft prospects has been James Lynch. Out of Baylor, Lynch is a versatile lineman that could provide all the tools the Texans need against both the pass and the run.